Espresso Blend

Whole Coffee Beans

Discover our freshly roasted, premium Espresso blend with smooth, full-bodied, rich-cocoa notes. Smooth enough to serve black; strong enough for milk coffees.

Tasting Notes 


Chocolate aroma

Lingering finish

Fresh acidity

Frickin' Delicious

Countries of Origin 

Our all-Arabica, Espresso blend is built on a high quality, Colombian coffee base with rich cocoa flavours. Single origin coffees from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua are added for their silky-smooth, well-rounded flavours.

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Hold up... Why is BYS doing 'normal' coffee?! 

That's a great question. Here's a few words from BYS co-founder, Jaryd:

"Launching beans has been a decision driven by customer requests to launch 'normal coffee' and allow you guys to make your BYS coffee at home, how you choose.

It also plays into our goal of becoming a household coffee brand here in Australia — delivering the highest quality coffee in any way you want to consume it.

We have spent months trialing different blends, and doing multiple cupping sessions. Where we landed was the smoothest, medium/dark roast that has flavorful notes of cocoa and leaves a fresh crema on top of your cup.

All beans will be freshly roasted within days of dispatch from our warehouse in Brisbane. All of you closet baristas... This one is for you!"

Where are the beans roasted? 

Our beans are locally roasted in Brisbane, Australia to ensure optimum freshness & flavour.

Where do the coffee beans originate from? 

Colombia for the rich cocoa base

Papua New Guinea for their soft milk-chocolate flavours

Brazil for their rounded out, full-bodied beans

Costa Rica for light spice flavour notes

Nicaragua for the silky-smooth class

What strength is the roast? 

Our Espresso blend is a Medium/Dark roast.

How long does the coffee stay fresh? 

Generally 6-8 weeks for whole beans. Each bag is date stamped with the day the beans were roasted and packed in air-tight bags with a one-way valve to let gas out without letting moisture or other gases in. We generally recommend ordering smaller amounts regularly for the best flavour.

How many coffees can I get per 1kg of beans? 

There are many variables which can affect this figure, but we’d generally say you can make around 70 cups of coffee with every kilogram of whole beans (35 cups per 500g).

Is this available on subscription? 

Not yet! This will be an exclusive drop and it's in your hands whether we release as part of our core product range... So let us know what you think!

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