The Ultimate Guide To Becoming Your Most Organised Self

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming Your Most Organised Self

Image of organised work desk.

Whether you're looking for an ingenious way to reorganise your space, be on time to ‘that’ Tuesday meeting, or just want to live that "less is more" life, it's never a bad time to tackle the clutter in your life. Thankfully, this week we have created a list to help you uncover the best tips and tricks to reorganise your life so that it works for you and not against you! And if the following tips are going to prove anything, it's that a little really does go a long way.

Make To Do Lists

If you are feeling overwhelmed and flustered, take time out of your day to list what you need to do. Try to put items in order of importance. You’ll be more inclined to stay on top of your workload if you can reference a list – and not to mention, that you’ll get a great sense of satisfaction when you put a line through it. 

Use An App

Apps are enormously useful in helping you stay organised at work. Just don’t start using too many! Trust us, you will become overwhelmed when bouncing between 5 different apps. Choose one cloud-based calendar or project-management app and use it to keep yourself on track and on task week to week.

Give Yourself Permission To Let Things Go 

This is a tough one for most, but it's a crucial step in regaining control over your clutter.

Be honest with yourself. Rather than feeling guilty or feeling like you have too many strings attached, resolve to not beating yourself up over getting rid of things you don’t need — even if they are in perfect nick. Grab the black garbage bag, take a deep breath, and walk away. 

File, Don’t Pile
Whether it's that dull paperwork sitting on your desk or a mountain of clean washing that you’re avoiding putting in the cupboard, it is always better stored vertically than horizontally. Piles are difficult to sort through, and typically only create more mess and more stress. 

Label, Label, Label

Give I.D. to the contents of the containers in your house so you know exactly what’s inside. Label file folders so you’re not rummaging through loose pieces of paper. Stamp the boxes so you know what’s inside before you shove them in a closet. This will channel your inner Marie Kondo and help you stay more efficient in your environment. 

You could even go pro with a label maker… Or just simply use a Sharpie like 97% of us.

There Is A Place For Everything But Don’t Put Everything In ITS Place

To stay organised at work and at home, be mindful of everything you bring in through the door. Everything needs its own little home in a drawer, special cupboard or outside. However, don’t bring it in unless you know exactly where it’s going to live. 

CAYG (Clean As You Go)

If you worked in hospitality, you already know. Wash or put items in the dishwasher as you go. Put things away as you go. Wipe the bench one-hundred times if you’re a little bit messy. 

Tip: Determine when you need the meal, dish or baking good to be ready and work backwards, time-wise. It will help you be in and out of the kitchen faster than ever!

Make It Pretty And Practical

While your office is a practical space, there’s no reason you can’t have fun with it too. Wall-mounted mesh baskets and mini-drawers will be your best friend for additional storage space. Keep your desk clear and use boxes, folders and drawers to stay organised – just make sure you label them first (as above)!