Taylor Peet — Motocross Rider

Taylor Peet — Motocross Rider

Professional MX rider, business owner & long time friend of BYS Taylor, took some time out of her action packed schedule to chat to us about her exciting life. Read on to learn how she became so successful in the sport, and how she's paving the way for other women in MX.


Q. Hay Taylor, you’ve been a part of our BYS family for a long time! But for everyone who doesn’t know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A. Hi! I’m a female motocross rider from the Gold Coast and I have been riding/racing since I was 5 years old! I am originally from the Snowy Mountains, I grew up on a farm and I guess that’s where the passion for this lifestyle began! Ever since I swung my leg over the bike I started to become really competitive, from a young age I learned the importance of not only health and fitness, but mindset for riding. This passion turned into personal training and I also worked as a graphic/web designer/photographer in the fitness industry for years until I decided to take the leap and work for myself with all women motocross events and empowering women online!

Q. Was working professionally in Motocross always a goal for you? Or was there a particular moment that made you realise you had the skill and ability to make this a career?

A. It was from a young age, yes! I wanted to be a full-time racer and when I left school and got a job I even went part-time so I could ride and be coached more. Unfortunately at the time, motocross in Australia was pretty tricky for women riders as there are limited events for us, plus limited classes (they’d combine women's classes with men) so I saw that it was never taken seriously. I think from there I gave up, sold my bike, and pursued a creative career in the fitness industry! I ended up getting my dream career working as Ashy Bines’ graphic, web, and app designer, plus photographer, and during that time I decided to get back into riding as I felt comfortable with my career and wanted that thrill back in my life that riding used to give me. As soon as I did, I was posting my journey of getting back into riding on my socials and my Instagram started gaining traction. I felt faster than I did when I used to race years ago, and I felt like I had zero fear compared to growing up. I started hitting bigger jumps and I definitely think being a girly girl and showing that side of me really helped change a lot about what people think of the sport, being super male-dominated! I never really planned to be doing this, as I said I was a creative for so long but it kind of just naturally happened because it’s definitely in my blood! I think from my experience working in a creative career and being passionate about that as well as motocross, it was just so perfect for me to step into this lifestyle!

Q. What’s at the top of your dream holiday bucket list? Any exciting travel coming up?

A. Honestly, can’t beat riding in California. I kinda just got back from there and I’m kinda leaving this Wednesday haha! I would say it’s a bucket list thing I have ticked off several times but I keep going back for more because the motocross lifestyle over there is huge! And not to mention the tracks over there too!!!!

Q. Anyone who follows you on Insta will know that you’re a strong advocate for women in the sport, what has been your toughest, and most rewarding experience in this space?

A. Toughest is having online hate from male riders. It’s a male-dominated sport so naturally, men watch and like to hate on me for succeeding, especially if they’re faster than me! I personally believe online presence and personality for girls to relate to is EVERYTHING for getting a message across and empowering women in this space and how I have succeeded! The most rewarding would have to be my Girls Can Ride events! Seeing the girls rock up shy, and walk away so confident in themselves and their ability to ride dirt bikes. NOTHING BETTER!

Q. What’s the coolest experience you’ve had as an athlete? Whether it’s inspiring a fan, or getting to travel somewhere amazing?

A. I have had many from doing magazine cover shoots to training at the AIS with the best women motocross riders in Australia when I was younger. But lately it would have to be flying over to Ride Park in VIC to do an MX23 gear release for Fox Racing Australia to launch their new 2023 gear. Just being amongst the other Fox Racing riders and riding with some of the most badass people in the industry! 

Q. Outside of riding, what’s your favourite way to spend your free time?

A. Anything with two wheels haha! I basically cross country MTB every chance I can get! I’ve been doing a little bit of racing on the e-bike and it’s safe to say if dirt bikes didn’t exist, I would be doing that instead! Definitely a huge passion of mine. Riding the Harley around with my girl gang is also something I love to do on a sunny day! 

Q. Tell us about the moment in your life so far that’s made you the proudest.

A. Honestly, I have so many moments, but just being in the position I am in today is so bloody cool. The girls that message me saying I inspired them to buy a bike is something that I have to pinch myself for! Also having so many brands back me and what I do. When a brand supports me, they’re supporting the whole female moto community and without them, I wouldn’t be able to empower women to be their most badass selves as a full-time career, and for that I am so proud!

Q. What’s your number one tip for staying mindful and focused on your goals, both personally and professionally?

A. Doing it for the love of it 100%. Passion = consistency. Consistency = results. 

Q. Tell us something that might surprise people to learn about you, any hidden talents or secret hobbies?

A. Super spiritual. I pull tarot cards every morning, meditate like crazy, journal like crazy, and think way too much about what the meaning of life is. I swear from these beliefs I have created my reality. I’m not one for the conventional lifestyle! Something else that surprises people is I have a tattoo that says Bad Bitch hahahaha, just to break the rules a bit more in a conventional lifestyle!

Q. And last but not least, what’s your go-to Beforeyouspeak brew!

A. Collagen Mocha ALL THE WAY! Like at least 2 cups a day addicted haha. I use it for not just my every day but for my riding - focus is everything on ride days and BYS definitely hits the spot!

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