Jansen Andre — Chef & Creator

Jansen Andre — Chef & Creator

Plant based foodie, avid runner, and mental health advocate Jansen took some time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about his passions. Read on to discover the inspiration behind Jansen's delicious dishes and top mindset tips for a balanced and aspirational life!


Q. If you weren’t an accomplished Chef and Creator, what do you think you would have pursued career-wise? Is this path always where you always saw yourself headed?

A. It’s funny because, before I travelled the world at 18 years of age, I went to university for 6 months and studied property development. I have family in the industry, so it was easy for me to fall into and get a great career going on. I was driven by the money factor, you could make heaps of money which meant freedom, it was a win-win. I quickly discovered that I wasn't enjoying it, hence I went travelling to find myself and put myself in uncomfortable situations.

Q. Cooking is clearly your passion, and you’ve published a DELICIOUS looking recipe book, where do you draw your inspiration to create such a large volume of nutritious and exciting dishes?

A. I get inspired by what fellow creators are doing, and what common problems I hear amongst the community, what people are struggling with and what I think I can create that will help make their lives easier, that will also be delicious and nutritious. I am also obsessed with creating healthy alternatives of junk food, or old school dishes I used to have as a kid and grew up on.

Q. BYS is proud to partner with you for an exciting running event in August, what can you tell us about the fundraiser and what it means to you?

A. I am super excited about challenge 625 happening August 19-21 starting at 6:25pm Griffith University. I am running for mental health, which means a lot to me. LIVIN “It ain’t weak to speak” breaking the stigma of mental health. Speaking up matters, statistically around the world someone takes their life every 40 seconds. Speaking up especially around men, and being vulnerable is very important and something that needs to happen more so we can avoid and reduce the statistics. Often a voice just needs to be heard.

Q. You’re a hugely accomplished person across a range of different facets, but can you tell us about your proudest moment so far?

A. Oh thank you, I guess my proudest moment to date would most definitely have to be moving to another state (QLD) with not much really planned, and being able to start my own business off the back of a Facebook comment, supporting people with their nutritional needs in their homes. To now going all in on social media, providing brands with marketing and educational/entertaining videos to promote their food brands. All whilst building a little bit of freedom for myself.

Q. Can you share with the BYS community your number one mindset tip to stay focused on your goals and maintain a high-performing lifestyle?

A. My number one tip for mindset, and strength of the mind, is coming to the understanding and reality that our mind is the only barrier to anything in life. Literally anything is possible, think it, believe it, receive it. Train the mind, get some alone time to discover who you are when no one is around. Learn to love the solitude of being with yourself and seeing who you are when no one is around. Life is short, but life is also long, what's the worst thing that could happen? Failure and challenges make us who we are.

Q. Now that travel is opening up again worldwide, what’s at the top of your dream holiday bucket list?

A. I will be going to Asia at the end of September for 3 weeks to partake in a retreat, and then work in Indonesia for some great brands and take a break. It was actually my second home when travel was possible, 3 times a year at least, and the last place that I travelled before the world went upside down.

Q. And last but not least, what’s your favourite Beforeyouspeak brew!

A. My favourite blend is 100% the Performance Caramel - I like that one in the morning hot. If I am feeling like a cool drink, I am OBSESSED with the Performance OG iced with a dash of coconut or cashew milk. YUMMMY. Not even trying to sound like a billboard, but I cannot go a day without it. I have a sweet tooth so I love these drinks, and the fact that they have superfoods and added benefits makes them even better :D

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