Giorgia Tigani — ICN Universe Champion

Giorgia Tigani — ICN Universe Champion

As a multi-faceted, high performing athlete and entrepreneur, Giorgia is the epitome of busy meets balance! Get to know all about the current Miss Universe ICN Bikini & Swimsuit Pro, and how she learnt to thrive on her own in a brand new city!

Hi Giorgia, welcome to the BYS family! For everyone who doesn’t know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey guys, for those of you who don’t know me my name is Giorgia. I am 23 years old and I currently live in Brisbane. 6 months ago I made a brave decision to pack up my life and move from Melbourne where I had lived my whole life. Back in Melbourne I was a fully qualified freelance makeup artist where I had run my own business for 5.5 years. In Brisbane I currently work as a full time Marketing Manager along with running my own business in digital marketing called Market Me By G. Fitness and health is something I am extremely passionate about, and something I have grown up around. I was always a sporty kid growing up and I loved being active. I competed at high levels in both swimming and soccer in high school. After this, I then got into the gym which then led to my recent bodybuilding debut.

Congratulations on your ICN Universe win, (Giorgia is currently the #1 ICN Bikini Bodybuilder in the world!) Was bodybuilding success on the world stage always a goal for you?

Thank you so much! Honestly it was always a dream of mine but not something that I ever imagined I would be able to achieve in my first ever season of competing. I was very fortunate to have an amazing first ever season in Melbourne which I was absolutely over the moon about. However to then be asked by ICN Australia to represent the country overseas in Korea was something that I still can’t believe happened. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Anyone who follows you on Insta knows you also hold down a full time marketing job, and also work with some other really exciting brands in the fitness industry. How do you manage to keep on top of all of this as well as commit to a meticulous (and sometimes brutal!) comp prep phase?

Yes that is right! I am quite a busy individual but I thrive off being busy and active. I have been told I need to slow down a little sometimes haha but I thrive off a busy lifestyle. I am so blessed to be able to collaborate and work alongside some amazing brands that align with my morals and ideals. This makes creating content for brands enjoyable and exciting, I only ever take on work that I truly believe in and feel resonates with myself and my followers.

I am a huge advocate for planning and organisation. I love creating lists that I can tick off throughout the day. Ticking something off after completion gives me a sense of fulfilment. I also thrive off routine, this has to be the most important thing to me, especially whilst I was in prep. My routine is a non negotiable for me and I do not let anything compromise it. I am an early riser, I get all my training done before work so that way when I come home I can focus on my own business/client work and any other work that needs to be done for the brands I am working with at that point in time. I also love using my weekends to reset myself for the week ahead, I think your weekends should be used to help you prepare for your week ahead. I use a weekly planner to pencil in any deadlines or things that need to be done on specific days so that I don’t forget anything. Weekends are also a great time for me to batch create content for some of the brands I am working with. Preparation is key for me!

What’s the coolest experience you’ve had as an athlete? Whether it’s inspiring someone new to the sport, or getting to travel somewhere amazing?

Honestly Korea had to be one of the most amazing experiences I have had. Being given the opportunity to travel and compete in a sport that I absolutely loved made me feel so privileged. Coming back from Korea though, that was an experience in itself. I have had so many people reach out to me and ask for advice and saying how I have inspired them and this truly is such a surreal feeling. I try to be as raw and honest as I can on my page and I have always said if I can help one person in my life with what I share then that makes my heart feel so full.

Outside of training, what’s your favourite way to spend your free time?

I love spending time in the kitchen! I am such a foodie and I am always creating new recipes to share on my page with my followers. The beach is also another place I love to go for a little R&R. I love reading books that will add value to my life, anything about motivation and mindset is something I thoroughly enjoy reading about. I am a big believer in self education. Time with family and friends is also something I cherish dearly and make sure I prioritise.

Tell us about the moment in your life so far that’s made you the proudest?

Without a doubt moving to Brisbane alone. I knew no one up here when I decided to leave, I applied for a job and took a huge leap of faith to start a whole new life. The outlook I had on this was if I go and love it, then that is amazing and I am going to learn so much in a new place. If I hated it, well then I still learnt something. There was no negative outcome to moving, I was learning something either way.

In saying that, it isn’t easy for someone to just pick up their life and move to a state without all their friends and family. You need to learn to love your own company and you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. This has to be one of my proudest moments in my life, particularly in the most recent times.

What’s at the top of your dream holiday bucket list? Any exciting travel coming up?

I would love to go to the Maldives and travel through Europe. I am considering Europe with my family next year, but nothing is set in stone just yet. I guess the benefit of living in Brisbane is that places like Noosa and Broadbeach (which I love) are so close. So I would say weekend getaways and day trips are 100% on the cards for me.

What’s your number one tip for staying focused and disciplined to achieve your goals on the toughest of days?

Remember your why! Why did you set the goal in the first place? If you remember your why, it is so much easier to push through the bad days. If you have clearly defined your reasoning for setting a goal for yourself, then it is so much easier to see the finish line on those days when everything just seems like it is a little bit too much.

Tell us something that might surprise people to learn about you, any hidden talents or secret hobbies?

Not many people know but I draw. I have sold some of my art before and used to sell some of them on Instagram for a while. Art By Giorgia was my business. I find drawing such a therapeutic way to wind down. I would love to get back into this as it does bring me so much joy.

And last but not least, what’s your go to Beforeyouspeak brew!

The Performance Coffee in Caramel is my FAVE! I also am a sucker for the Mocha Collagen Coffee. I honestly have one of each of these every day!

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