Erin Maw — Functional Fitness

Erin Maw — Functional Fitness

Erin is the Lead Creative at Les Mills, an avid runner and fitspo goals! Erin had been drinking Beforeyouspeak for a while, so partnering with our first-ever NZ ambassador was a no brainer.


When did you first discover your passion for health and fitness?
My Mum was an aerobics instructor (that’s how my parents met - my dad went to her gym classes) So I’ve grown up with music and movement - as a toddler my dad would chuck me on his handle bars and we’d go to the gym. Some of my earliest memories is doing aerobics with my mum in our lounge so you could say I was destined for this career. 

As the Lead Creative at Les Mills, the workouts you put together are incredibly varied. What’s the one movement that you never get tired of doing?

That’s like having to pick your favourite child! I have always loved a pushup. 

Do you have any hidden talents or go-to party tricks?

I used to be a DJ! 7 years in the University town of Dunedin where I studied - I would still being doing it but the hours of work are not kind on the body unfortunately - Im now an in bed at 8:30 kinda gal! I have decs and still whip them out every now and then. 

We love that you’re so open about the hormonal changes women experience monthly, and how that can affect their training. What’s your top tip for managing the days when you feel like you can’t perform at your best?

Such an advocate for creating more awareness around this! The best thing you can do is keep track and know when you're going to hit high hormone phases. This enables you to mentally prepare and to know when to expect tougher training. It’s not your fault and it’s out of your control, it’s your hormones! Anything Magnesium I find helps, I also take BePure Supplements like Cycle Calm, Fish Oil and Estro Clear, I find these really help!  

Tell us about the time you felt most proud of yourself.

Being the only person in my immediate family to go to university and complete a degree felt really good - and then I decided to study again! So two Degrees under my belt feels good for sure. 

As well as having an extremely active job, you are also a super keen runner. How do you balance your recovery to keep your body feeling good and injury-free?

Running is my recharge, which means the thing I find relaxing still puts stress on my body — it’s a very fine balance! I work with a running coach who keeps track of my Heart Rate. You wouldn’t usually pair HIIT and Running together so it’s been a slow cautious process working towards a marathon. I have a great physio that I see twice a week who keeps my legs together. The third pillar is nutrition and fuelling my body with lots of protein. 

What’s at the top of your experience or travel bucket list right now?

My Husband and I have started booking our honeymoon — we both LOVE the Greek Islands so that’s the first stop, then we are hitting the Amalfi Coast (somewhere we have both wanted to go).  

And last but not least, what’s your favourite Beforeyouspeak brew?!

Mocha Collagen Coffee! So tasty — totally ruined plain coffee for me now!