Beauty, it's more than just skin deep!

Beauty, it's more than just skin deep!

We all know how hard it is to fit in some regular TLC, especially when work, family, and a busy social life can leave us with little time to focus on ourselves!

As much as we’d all love to schedule in a trip to the nail salon or a quick facial every few weeks – time isn’t always on our side! With the rising cost of living and constant pressure we place on ourselves to keep life moving like a well oiled machine, we often sacrifice the things we enjoy most. But what if I told you, you can have it all. Well at least when it comes to healthy skin, hair and nails!

Remember how soft your skin was as a child and how strong your hair was before it was first introduced to peroxide? By including the right products in your diet you can help turn back the ageing clock to look and feel your best, leaving more time for the things that matter most.

The best part? All you need to do is add a few key ingredients to your daily supplement routine! 

Marine & Bovine Collagen 

As we age and go through the motions of life our natural collagen production decreases over time, by as much as one per cent each year after we reach the age of around 18-20! Heard the phrase 'skin soft as a baby'? It’s actually a thing. Luckily, by consuming a high-quality Collagen supplement you can help to keep these levels high and in turn, slow down the visible signs of ageing.

Collagen is the key to improved skin elasticity, joint health, enhanced hair health and more. We recommend a supplement with both high quality Marine and Bovine Collagen sources, as the combination contains high levels of type I, II and III Collagen to target hair, skin, nails, joints AND muscle recovery.


Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps form the structure of our skin, hair, nails, joints and much more. Lysine is also a powerful anti-viral. Many people report the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines as well as hair regrowth when used consistently.


Now that we’ve got your skin covered, what about those limp locks? Spending half the day tied back in an elastic (or all day if you sleep with your hair up to keep it from getting in your face) can be taxing, causing breakage and weakness. Add some life stress on top of that and voila! You have weak hair AND weak nails. This is where Silica and Biotin come in.


Studies have shown Silica helps to reduce hair loss and boost shine, while also strengthening nails. Pair that with an extract like Camu Camu (packed with antioxidants and inflammation reducing properties) and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn good fountain of youth in our opinion!


Biotin, otherwise known as B7, is an essential water soluble vitamin that is needed daily to help nerve, cardiovascular, digestive and metabolic function. It is also well researched to help thicken hair, strengthen nails and beautify your skin. Another benefit beyond helping you look amazing is the metabolic boosting and cognitive enhancing properties of Biotin.

Pre & Probiotics

Evidence is mounting up that the key to a healthy, youthful appearance starts from your gut! Pre & probiotics are a great start to get your digestion and overall gut health on track. Look for a shelf stable option with a high CFU per serve.

So what are you waiting for? Get glowing from the inside out!