Top Travel Hacks

Top Travel Hacks

It feels like everyone in the world is on holiday right now, or everyone in our Instagram feeds anyway 😏

Whether you have a trip planned, or are holding out for that trip of a lifetime in the future, our organisation, time & money saving hacks are sure to make your journey run a little smoother.

Google Maps Trip Planner

This could be the greatest TikTok find of my whole year, a free trip planner run via Google Maps that allows you to intuitively create, and store your whole itinerary! Not sure where to start? Use this step by instruction guide for an easy to follow how to.

Lindsay Silberman's guide to Google Maps →

Carry On Your Essentials

Packing a small amount of your essential toiletries, plus a change of clothes, medications, and your important travel documents into your carry on, minimises the risk of disaster in the event of your checked bags going missing. Remember to adhere to carry on rules! Need an upgrade? Check out some options for every budget below.

The Best Carry-On from The Latch →

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You should always drink plenty of water, but plane humidity is usually less than 20%, leaving you extra susceptible to dehydration. That combined with dodgy sleep and a whole lot of screen time, it's likely to lead to a headache and a bit of brain fog. Maximise your water intake with a hydration multiplier with electrolytes.

Check out Liquid I.V. →

Maximise Your Stopovers

Stop overs are notoriously NOT a good time. But often if you add stops, especially lengthy ones, you can save big $$ on your flights. If you're travelling overseas, find a flight with a half day stop over in a city you'd like to explore for a few hours, and make the best of both worlds!

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Hack Your Hotel Room

Use a trouser hanger to clip your curtains together and block out annoying light, ask for a spare room key card to keep the power running when you leave (aka the air con and your device chargers!). Hang your clothes in the bathroom and let the shower steam de-crease them, and take an HDMI cable so you can hook your laptop up to your room TV, hello Netflix!

Get more value with Mama Mia's tips →

Downsize Your Beauty Routine

Do you ever look at your suitcase and think, do I really need all of this stuff! Especially when you have to pack your whole skin and hair care regime... Save room (and weight) in your toiletries bag by packing just enough product to get you through into small cosmetic tubs. We love the ones linked below which are an absolute bargain on Amazon!

Travel containers