Top Tips To Thrive This Winter!

Top Tips To Thrive This Winter!

As we head into Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it can be a really tricky time for many to stay motivated and perform at your best, let alone get out from under the blankets every morning! This week, the team have put together their best tips to help you beat the cold and stay focused on your goals ❄

Make your wardrobe work for you

Investing in good quality, warm clothes and boots is an obvious choice to keep you warm and toasty, but it could also be beneficial to steer away from the typical dull winter fashion choices. Studies have shown that wearing bright colours and happy patterns can have a direct impact on your emotions, mental clarity and energy levels. So if it’s warm and it makes you feel good, wear it! We love the LSKD hoodie and tracksuit range, for warmth, comfort and their selection of bright colours! 

Find a Winter hobby

By finding a winter specific sport or activity you love, not only will you enjoy the colder seasons more, but you’ll start to look forward to them too! For the adventurous, the obvious choices are skiing and snowboarding, but even taking up seasonal indoor or outdoor sports such as Netball, Rugby or Soccer will keep you active and accountable to a team. Prefer a less extreme option? Set yourself a goal of visiting a new museum or art gallery every weekend (they’re always heated!), plan a weekly brunch date followed by a hike, or take up a course in painting or pottery that runs over the cooler months.

Women in snow covered forest with red beanie

Warm up from the belly out

I don’t know about you but my slow cooker only sees the light of the day once the weather cools down! There’s nothing better than coming home to the warmth and heavenly scent of a melt in your mouth stew, soup, curry or risotto 🤤 Check out for over 100 of the best slow cooked meals on the internet, and don’t forget to load up on the veggies!

Look after your skin

Cold air and wind can wreak havoc on your skin, particularly in the form of dehydration, cracking and peeling. A no brainer is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water all year round, but you may find that your skin care needs change from season to season. A light moisturiser may get you through summer, but something heavier could be a better option to put your best face forward against the frosty conditions. We love Lust Minerals Peptide Moisturiser