Top Tips For Improved Gut Health

Top Tips For Improved Gut Health

Not only does our gut absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat, but it also affects the way our bodies function on a day to day basis! Imbalances within the gut directly impacts our overall immunity, serotonin production, hormone regulation as well as our major organs, making it challenging to perform at your best when you’re digestion is out of whack!

We’re all about making life easier at BYS, so we’ve put together some easy to implement tips to give your gut health a boost -

Eat A Balanced Diet

It may seem obvious, but it’s important! A balanced diet is the best way to keep your pre/pro biotic and digestive enzyme levels high, giving your gut a chance to easily break down the food you eat and absorb the most amount of nutrients possible.

Foods that are commonly recommended for their positive affect on gut health, as well as a good dose of gut bacteria boosting fibre, include berries, bananas, apples, legumes, broccoli and whole grains. 

Fermented foods like yoghurt and kombucha are a quick and easy addition to your snack routine and help to boost good bacteria, lactobacilli - just make sure you look for options low in sugar. Lesser known, and arguably tastier, options include sourdough, some cheeses, oats, garlic and even dark chocolate! 

Be Aware Of Intolerances

While variety is important, it’s also vital to identify foods or drinks that may be triggering digestive upsets and concerns for you. Outside of lactose and gluten intolerances, other common trigger foods for an irritated gut include artificial sweeteners, eggs, citrus fruits, fried and overly fatty foods and foods high in FODMAPs (check out our blog explaining FODMAPs).

If you find you get to the end of every day feeling queasy, bloated & gassy, or are having trouble in the bathroom, there may be something in your diet throwing your digestive health off. Keep a food diary and monitor your symptoms to see if you can find a connection, or try a process of elimination until the symptoms regulate. As always, if something doesn’t feel right, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Supplementation Can Help

Pre & probiotics are at the top of the list to keep your gut performing at it’s peak. Easily available across a wide range of supplements or in pill form, look out for the best option that works for you and your budget.

Collagen peptides also play a vital role in keeping your digestive tract healthy. Supplementing with this vital amino acid won’t just keep your digestion thriving, but will help support healthy joints, hair, skin and nails! Look for an option containing types I, II & III collagen.

L-Glutamine is another powerhouse addition to your supplement routine, helping to repair your gut as well as supporting overall nutrient absorption.