Top 5 Tips To Optimise Your Workout!

Top 5 Tips To Optimise Your Workout!

As the year drags on and motivation starts to wane, the temptation to dial back the intensity on your training routine can easily get the best of you. This week, we’re bringing you the teams top 5 tips to refocus, and up the ante on your workouts, whatever your goals are!

Fuel your movement 🥗
Studies have shown that eating a balanced meal 1-3 hours before exercise can improve performance and speed up recovery. Ensure your meal of choice contains a good mix of carbs, fats and protein for the best outcome. Our favourites? Tuna and avocado on rice cakes, oats mixed with peanut butter and protein powder or a good old fashioned bowl of chicken, rice and roast veggies 😋

Pick a great playlist 🎶
The anecdotal data of music boosting athletic performance is abundant, but it’s been proven in scientific studies to improve maximum performance and duration also. Everyone has their own tastes, from pop to heavy metal, find a playlist that resonates with you, crank your headphones and get stuck in!

Track your progress 📖
Whether you jot down your PB’s in an old fashioned note book, or use a great app to input your workout data, striving to beat yourself every time you train is a great motivator. We love the MapMyFitness app as it has options to track all sorts of workouts and is available in a free version on both Apple and Android devices!

Caffeinate ☕
Obviously we’re a little biased when it comes to a good coffee, but caffeine has been extensively used by athletes for decades to enhance their performance and provide a good, clean energy boost. Our top pick? Thermo Coffee! Enhanced with our curated shred blend of 11 active ingredients, to help you get through the toughest workout on the hardest days.
Block out distractions 🚫
Given most of us track our workouts and listen to music on our phones at the gym, it’s not unusual to have a quick scroll on Insta or TikTok during your rest period and the next thing you know 5 minutes has gone by 😓 The best option to avoid the distraction in the first place is to install an app like AppBlock. You can select which apps you want to block and when, and pre-set it so it’s already switched on by the time you walk in the gym door! The free version has heaps of functionality, is available on a huge range of devices and won’t impact any apps you don’t want it to!