Time poor but still want to get a workout in?

Time poor but still want to get a workout in?

We can always count on coach, athlete, and all-around legend Annabelle for a healthy dose of BYS-fuelled workout inspiration!

She's put together a speedy and effective full-body workout that's perfect for working up a sweat on your lunch break, or for those days when you just need to get in, get sh*t done, and get out.

With a focus on moderate rep range supersets, this workout will challenge both strength and cardio fitness, and can be easily adapted for all experience levels by increasing or decreasing load. 

Full Body Sweat Sesh

Superset A - Repeat 4x

8x Barbell Romanian Deadlift
Increase weight each set as long as you can maintain form. Keep your chin tucked and your core engaged. Make sure lats stay pinned back and focus on pushing your hips back.

16x Hanging Pike
Engage lats to stop yourself from swinging too much. Exhale as you bring your legs up. If straight legs is too hard, do bent knee instead.

Superset B - Repeat 4x

10x Touch & Go Bent Over Row
This variation will cause you to be more bent over than usual. Draw the barbell into your belly button and keep core engaged.

10x Weighted Sit Up
Have legs straight with flexed feet. Exhale as you sit up and focus on rolling one vertebrae down at a time on the way down. Don’t rush through this.

Exercise C - Repeat 3x

10x Hamstring Curls
I usually do these with a lying hamstring curl but didn’t have one available. If you’re the same, you can use a heavy dumbbell between your feet. Make sure you are pushing your hip bones into the bench or floor.

Superset D - Repeat 3x

10x (each leg) Bulgarian Split Squat
Maintaining a straight line from your head to your pelvis, aim to go on a diagonal down towards the bench, rather than straight down. This will help engage more glutes/hamstring than quads.

10x Rear Delt Fly's
Keep shoulders back and think about drawing your pinkie finger up to the sky. Maintain a slight bend in the elbow throughout.