The perfect cuppa at home, featuring Beforeyouspeak Espresso Beans! ☕

The perfect cuppa at home, featuring Beforeyouspeak Espresso Beans! ☕

So you've just ordered some BYS Espresso beans; what now? First things first, you should be aware that the backbone to a great coffee is the quality and freshness of the beans, as well as their storage, grinding, and temperature.

Here are our top tips for caring for your beans, and making the smoothest BYS coffee at home 👇🏼

Four factors—heat, light, air, and moisture—can cause your coffee beans to lose all of their aroma and freshness. We recommend keeping your BYS beans stored in their resealable airtight packet in a cool, dry, and dark place. If you live in a hot, humid climate, a refrigerator or frost-free freezer are the best options for keeping your beans fresh.

If stored correctly, whole beans can remain fresh for around six weeks after opening. With two size options available, 500g & 1kg, we suggest purchasing just enough coffee beans to last until your next order with us so that you always have the freshest beans possible.

Making the perfect cup of BYS coffee requires finding the closest to perfect grind possible for your machine! 😉 Regardless of how good the quality of your coffee beans are, or what espresso machine you have, if the grind is not adjusted appropriately, your coffee will lack flavour, body, taste, and aroma. It is recommended that our BYS Espresso Beans should be finely ground. However, let’s face it - there is no such thing as an "exact" or "perfect" grind setting. This is due to the wide variety of espresso machines available on the market, whether household or commercial. It will vary machine to machine — with our BYS HQ machine, a good grind size is between 3-5 with 15s grinding time ⛏️

The goal of the perfect BYS espresso grind is to provide perfectly even resistance to hot water force. If the grind is too coarse, the coffee will flow too quickly down the spout, and a fine grind will limit the flow. Once you nail your grind, and with practice, you’ll have consistency in creating the perfect cup of ‘get sh*t done’ every day!.

Every component of your BYS coffee, from the beans themselves, the tasting notes, and our team's serving preferences, has been tried and tweaked across multiple cupping sessions to find the desired temperature and flavour profile. We collaboratively agreed that our ideal serving temperature is 60 degrees, and for us, bringing the milk up to a certain temperature is a key component of the coffee experience. The process of getting the temperature "just right" is an important factor in producing the smoothest cup of BYS coffee, no matter if you’re a traditional cappuccino lover, or a skinny oat milk caramel latte fan!

Well, it's time to unleash your inner barista and make the smoothest cup of coffee at home with our BYS Espresso Beans! ☕ We would love to see your at home BYS barista made coffees, so don’t forget to tag us on socials and share your tips and tricks with us! 😉

Written by: BYS Nutritionist Brianna-lee Schiefelbein