Our Top 5 Favourite Bedtime Tools

Our Top 5 Favourite Bedtime Tools

While researching ‘5 Hacks for a Better Night’s Sleep’ we came across some seriously cool stuff! We couldn’t fit it all into one blog, so here are the Beforeyouspeak team’s favourite sleep hack purchases to keep you feeling well-rested, energised, and at the top of your game, day and night!

Weighted Blankets - Ok we’re a bit slow to the party on this one, but how good are these! Research has shown that not only does a heavier blanket option provide comfort and a feeling of calmness for reduced stress and anxiety, but it promotes less restleness during sleep, increased serotonin and a reduction in nervous system activity. Perfect for falling asleep faster, and staying asleep longer!

We recommend checking out cult brand Oodie for their different weight options and fun designs to satisfy the little kid in all of us. 

Headband Headphones - For lovers of sleep stories, white noise, guided meditations, or just those with snoring partners! Headphones built into a headband is the ultimate experience in comfort and functionality. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get to sleep with uncomfortable ear buds digging into your ears and having to dig around under your pillow the next day to find them, so this idea is genius.

For a deluxe sound quality and premium listening experience we recommend the highly rated SleepPhones® range. Otherwise, Amazon has some cheaper options that won’t break the bank.

Blue Light Glasses - Another product that you’re probably already familiar with, but definitely an important one! Blue light exposure from devices such as computers, phones, tablets and your TV has been proven to damage eyesight in some, and can cause significant disruption to sleep. Eye-strain, dry eyes and blurred vision are more common side effects, especially for those who work with a computer every day. Blue light glasses don’t contain prescription lenses so are safe for everyone to wear and cut down on daily, harmful blue light exposure, while making you look extra sophisticated 😎

The Beforeyouspeak team use and recommend the affordable and ultra stylish Baxter Blue range.

Quality Bedding - Given that we spend on average 26 years of our life in bed, investing in some high quality bedding doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! Gone are the days of just worrying about high thread counts, sleep technology has grown to incorporate fabrics such as bamboo and even silver infused silk for an anti bacterial, skin saving sleep experience! 

Check out our friends at Silvi to learn why you should care about what you sleep on, and how silk sheets could save you time on your beauty routine every morning!

Adrenal Decaf Coffee - What would our favourite sleep product list be without our favourite Decaf, safe to drink at night time, dessert in a cup coffee blend! After years of customer requests for a tasty, low calorie Coffee blend that you can curl up on the couch with, we’ve just rounded out our Adrenal blend range to include Mocha, Caramel and Unsweetened flavours.  We love this decaffeinated blend for its nine powerful & restful ingredients including Zinc, Ashwagandha & Camu Camu. If you could sleep with a coffee it would be this one…