No two collagens are the same.

No two collagens are the same.

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body. From your hair, skin, nails & joints, collagen plays the role as the main protein in your connective tissue, which basically connects to the whole body. So.. having good levels of it is kind of essential. 

The bummer is, once you get to the age of 25 your collagen production starts to reduce, causing your skin to become less elastic & your joints to become weaker. 

Good news is, the more ways you can support and boost your collagen levels, the fresher you'll look & feel. They say all good things come in threes & that’s definitely the case when it comes to the supercharged trio of Type I, II & III Collagen. 

Here’s the breakdown of each type of collagen & how they work together to keep you feeling & looking fresh.

Type I: Good for your Hair, Skin & Bone Health.

Type I collagen is the most common in your body and it provides structure to your skin, tendons, bones, ligaments & other connective tissues (just a few essential things, really). It’s also especially abundant in the skin and is partly responsible for the glowy, young-looking skin we’re all chasing. 

Type II: Good for your Joints.

Type II collagen is found in the cartilage in your ribs, nose, larynx, trachea & joints and makes up 50% of the total cartilage in our bodies. So as you can imagine, it’s an important part of making you physically feel your best.

Type III: Good for your Skin Health.                                                                   

Type III Collagen works alongside Type I and is found in your skin, ligaments, joints & blood vessels. This collagen powerhouse has been linked to promoting skin health & elasticity keeping you looking fresh, year round.

With so many amazing benefits and delicious ways to enjoy it, why not try adding Type I, II & III Collagen into your daily diet. Your skin and body will love you for it! 

- Cheers to an epic week!