Natural Energy Hacks

Natural Energy Hacks

There’s nothing worse than trudging through your day like a turtle wading through peanut butter wondering ‘why am I so tired?!’ Reaching for chemical fuelled energy highs, or junk food for a short acting hit of dopamine can be even more tempting when we’re feeling flat. But they often leave us feeling worse in the long run!

This week, we’re bringing you our life hacks to get the Spring back in your step (pun intended) naturally! And don’t forget, if you’re feeling tired and run down more than normal, your first stop should always be a health care professional.


Even though it’s the LAST thing you want to do when you feel like a nap, some light exercise can be just what you need to shake the cobwebs off a fuzzy feeling brain. Get outdoors for a brisk walk and blast an energising playlist through your headphones for an instant pick me up!

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Caffeine, sourced naturally from coffee, has been shown to give a nice boost of clean energy, as well as promote mental clarity, sharpness and focus. How? By supporting endorphin activity, and stimulating both the brain and nervous system 🧠

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Adequate Nutrients

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables is a great way to ensure you stay topped up with all your essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. But sometimes deficiencies happen, and being low in Vitamin D and B Vitamins especially, can cause your energy levels to take a dip.

If you’re feeling tired and flat on the regular, a comprehensive blood test from your GP is a great idea!

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Eat balanced meals regularly

Busy days can sometimes mean you go hours between meals, or skip them at your desk or on the run entirely! Make sure you have healthy, filling snacks at arms reach on long days to keep your natural energy stores topped up, and aim for a good balance of carbs, fats and proteins. Protein bars, bananas, tuna + cracker packs, and popcorn are all easy options to pack in your lunchbox and don’t require a fridge!

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Balance Your Sleep

Getting enough sleep to not feel tired is a no-brainer, and we’ve already compiled our top tips for a good night's sleep in our Health Hub. But did you know too much sleep can also promote fatigue? Any significant changes to your sleep routine can throw the body's natural rhythm out of whack and increase feelings of exhaustion the next day. Stick to the sweet spot of 8-10 hours a night and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed!

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