How To Overcome Gym Intimidation

How To Overcome Gym Intimidation

Does your stomach get butterflies the moment you step foot into the gym? Do you let excuses get the better of you? Maybe you feel like everyone is watching you?

You’re not alone! Gymtimidation can impact both experienced and new gym goers. After all, every fitness journey is unique to each individual and has its own set of challenges. So how do we overcome gymtimidation? Well, just like hitting your personal best doesn't happen overnight, overcoming gymtimidation takes time, and requires you to address the fundamental cause - but the important thing is that it is achievable.

These are our top six tips for overcoming gymtimidation:


Feeling overwhelmed by the 5 o'clock crowd? Then try to avoid peak hour at the gym (yes, it is a thing!) People in general just want to get their workout done and dusted, so they'll usually stop by the gym on their way to or from work. We recommend going before 9 and after 5 for the best chance at a quiet session. 


Being prepared and pre-planning your workout before going to the gym will help reduce those feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Set aside a few minutes a day to jot your plan down in an app or notebook, and then you’ll never feel lost as to what to do!


Being unfamiliar with gym machines and equipment can be quite daunting and cause hesitation on going to the gym. If you train during staffed hours, the gym team will be more than happy to show you around, and even do equipment demos. Alternatively, a lot of gyms will throw in a free PT session or two as part of your membership, take advantage of these and ask the trainer for a thorough introduction. Still not confident to hit the main floor? Find a quiet place in the gym and stick with body weight exercises, or a floor routine with dumbbells, and start to explore a few machines as your confidence grows. You'll be deadlifting like a pro in no time! ;)


Without a doubt, having someone else with you to figure it all out will help put your mind at ease and increase the fun!  Plus, if you do mess up somehow, you have a buddy to laugh it off with. It’s a great way to curb embarrassment and soften its blow!


Classes are a great way to  get a workout in without having to plan it yourself and connect with people of similar interests. A group workout may also help to keep those emotions of loneliness and insecurity at bay!


No one can deny the power of a kickass playlist! Good music can keep you on top of the world and in the zone while working out. We love our BYS Playlist in the gym, custom made by Mashd N Kutcher for our coffee loving community!

Going to the gym might be a nerve-racking experience for you, and that’s okay. Everyone starts somewhere and Your fears and concerns are valid. You got this!

Written by: BYS Nutritionist Brianna-lee Schiefelbein