Get Ready For Summer!

Get Ready For Summer!

With Summer just around the corner, we're so ready to welcome the best that Aussie weather has to offer! From switching up your daily routine to getting creative with healthy meals, these are top tips to have the best summer yet.

Seize the day

One of the best things about the Australian summer is the glorious addition of daylight savings (sorry QLD, WA and NT)! Who doesn’t want an extra few hours of daylight to get everything done? One of the best ways to make the most of all that extra sunshine is to get up early and complete one task before you start your day. Whether that’s preparing a packed lunch before work or getting that gym session in early, ticking off just one thing before you would normally start your day will set you up for a whole day of productivity. Plus, ticking off your daily exercise before the heat really takes hold will leave you feeling less drained later on in the day.

Pick up a new book

So often people will set a New Years’ resolution to read more, but why should you have to wait until January 1st to get started? And, if you’re a millennial on a budget who can’t afford to cash out on a new book each week, don’t underestimate the value of your local library. They’re stocked with the latest new releases (and air-con) plus some even have a complimentary e-book app subscription if you prefer to have your books in the palm of your hand.

Invest in a good SPF

While it’s all well and good to say ‘just 15 minutes to tan is all I need’, being sun safe is no joke in the harsh Aussie conditions. With approximately two in three Australian's being diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they turn 70, it’s important to take sun safety seriously. Make sure to lather up with an SPF 30+ sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outdoors and make sure to reapply every two hours, more if you're in the water. The only safe tan is a fake one...

Regular hydration

Long days in the sun, coffee catch ups back to back, and busy summer schedules make it easy for us to forget to stay hydrated. By the time you start to feel thirsty and need a drink, your body is already suffering from dehydration. It’s so important to keep your body adequately hydrated at all times, especially as the weather heats up. For keeping liquids cool, we love our Thermo Bottles which are small enough to fit in your bag!

Switch up your coffee

Love having your daily cup of BYS coffee but can’t stand the extra sweat it causes? Luckily, our BYS coffees are so versatile, you can add them to almost everything. We’re currently obsessed with adding our Collagen Mocha to a banana smoothie. Simply throw a sachet into a blender with one frozen banana, some ice and milk of your choice and blitz until thick and creamy. For an extra flavour kick, add a scoop of Collagen Creamer for some added flavour and bonus skin loving ingredients.

Keep the alcohol light

Summer is for enjoying the sunshine and catching up with friends over a tipple, but it’s possible to enjoy yourself without over doing the extra calories or feeling hungover for days! Opt for clear spirits like Vodka or Gin and choose a sugar free mixer to pair them with, you can even blitz with fresh fruit and ice for a refreshing cocktail option. To avoid dehydration and a nightmare hangover, break up each drink with a glass of water and end the day with an electrolyte drink, the late night Maccas run is optional 😂

Get creative with salads

One of the best things about Australian Summer is the abundance of fresh produce, fruit and seafood on the shelves. There’s a million and one different ways to enjoy a hearty salad or poke bowl during the warmer months while getting all the benefits of a balanced and filling meal. Pre-cooking meats like chicken and beef strips, or seafood options like fresh fish and prawns, will instantly add some protein to your salad while roasted and cooled sweet potato or quinoa will give you energy and help to fill you up. Don’t forget to try out adding different toppings like crushed tamari almonds, a sprinkling of seeds or fresh fruit for a little extra something!