Collagen, Biotin & Silica The beauty blend powerhouse!

Collagen, Biotin & Silica The beauty blend powerhouse!

We all know how hard it can be to fit in some regular TLC, especially when work, family and a busy social life can leave us with little time to focus on ourselves!

As much as we’d all love to schedule a trip to the nail salon or a quick facial every few weeks – time isn’t always on our side. With the rising cost of living and constant pressure we place on ourselves to keep life moving like a well oiled machine, we often sacrifice the things we enjoy most. But what if we told you, you can have it all. Well at least when it comes to healthy skin, hair and nails!


As we age and go through the motions of life, our natural collagen production decreases over time, reducing by approximately one per cent each year after we reach the age of 20. Heard the phrase skin soft as a baby? It’s an actual thing. [1]
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and supports a number of important processes such as skin, bone and muscle health. It also regulates blood clotting and makes up part of the structure of your eyes and teeth. Adding a collagen supplement to your daily routine has been proven to keep the levels in your body high, and in turn, slow down the visible signs of ageing. To further enhance collagen levels, look for a supplement that is also high in proline and vitamin c (camu camu) as these nutrients can further support the natural production of collagen.


The word ‘biotin’ is derived from the ancient Greek term ‘biotos’, which in English, literally translates to mean ‘life-giving’! If you still need more convincing of its importance, this powerhouse, complex vitamin touches many crucial processes in the body. Also known as vitamin H, biotin is another great addition to your beauty routine with well researched links to maintaining hair and skin health.
Biotin is also a key nutrient when it comes to converting food into energy, sustaining a healthy pregnancy for Mums to be and regulating blood sugar levels.


Spending 18 hours a day with your hair tied back in an elastic (or 24 if you sleep with your hair up to keep it from getting in your face) can be taxing, and may cause breakage and weakness. Add some life stress on top of that and voila! Your hair and nails are weaker than our legs after an advanced pilates session.
Enter silica - which studies have shown to help to reduce hair loss, boost shine and prevent breakage, while also strengthening nails and enhancing your complexion. [2]
Silica is also an important trace mineral to support strong bones, muscle formation and healthy joints, cartilage and ligaments. Recent research has provided early indications that silica is beneficial for heart health, lowering cholesterol and even helping control inflammation!