Coffee and Brain Health - Can coffee make you smarter?

Coffee and Brain Health - Can coffee make you smarter?

Coffee is well known to have an effect on energy levels, digestion, and athletic performance. While these physical effects are often fast-acting, studies have shown that coffee consumption may have some long-term effects on brain health, and we are here for it! 😍

According to Nutritional Psychiatrist Uma Naidoo, there is a positive relationship between coffee and our psychological health. 

Here are her reasons why:

  • Caffeine may stimulate the brain and help maintain the blood-brain barrier by increasing serotonin and acetylcholine.
  • Coffee beans contain polyphenols that may protect against both brain blood vessel obstruction and prevent tissue damage caused by free radicals.
  • Coffee beans contain significant amounts of trigonelline, which may also activate antioxidants to protect the blood vessels in the brain.

The Most Recent Research: 🤓

  • In 2017, the findings of a 10-year research study involving 676 elderly men to determine if coffee protected them against cognitive decline were reported. The findings revealed that males who consumed coffee showed less cognitive decline than those who did not, with those who consumed three cups of coffee per day benefiting the most.
  • Another study that monitored a group of individuals for 21 years to determine whether coffee improved cognition released its findings in 2009. They found that those who consumed coffee in their midlife had a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease later life than non coffee drinkers. The lowest risk of dementia was seen in individuals who consumed three to five cups of coffee each day.

We love science and even more so coffee! You don't have to tell us twice to have a cup (or three) a day! ☕ ***Remember to always caffeinate responsibly. 

 Written by: BYS Nutritionist Brianna-lee Schiefelbein