Bored in the House?

Bored in the House?

Bored in the house during iso? Tired of watching TikTok videos and wondering how all these people move like that? Social distancing has us all going a little crazy right now, so why not try learning a new skill with all your new-found spare time? 

Learning a new skill doesn’t take 10,000 hours, in fact, each of these skills can be learned within 8 hours of practice to a reasonable level. Like any new skill, you learn by doing. As the saying goes, Practice Makes Perfect right?

Learn a New Language

Have you always wondered what it would be like if you kept up learning French after you finished school? Well, now you can dust off those old school language dictionaries and try picking it back up. There are even free apps out there to help you practice just 5 minutes a day, my personal favourite is DUOLINGO. With over 30 languages to chose from, this interactive app has ‘fun, bite-sized lessons to test your knowledge’ along with listening challenges. 

UpSkill with Online Courses

There are plenty of free (or relatively cheap) online learning platforms out there offering specialised courses and even degrees in a huge range of fields including History, Science, Art, Photography, Design, Languages, Nutrition, Law… the list is endless. Starting an online course is a great way for you to build new skills at your own pace within a professionally structured learning environment. A few learning platforms to try out would be Skillshare, Udemy, Masterclass, LinkedIn Learning & Coursera.


Cashew Butter Blondies by Emma Swanston


Cooking is one of the most vital skills a person can have, and yes, it can be daunting at times. But now is the perfect time to jump on the trend and bake that banana bread! ISO Baking has become vastly popular across social media and we have numerous recipes on our blog for you to try your luck! 


Got bored and decided to do a spring clean early? Why not try repurposing all those clothes you were going to throw out into something you might actually love again. I recently turned an old shirt into scrunchies and a knitted jumper into shorts! The University of YouTube is going to quickly become your best friend. There are endless tutorials on absolutely everything! 

You don’t have to become an expert overnight, take your time. Try learning one new skill a month. It only takes 8 hours of practice to have a basic level and a skill to change your life. Consistency really is key, the repetition will create a habit allowing you to learn anything new much faster!

No matter how you enjoy spending your time during quarantine, whether that be exercising or binge-watching Netflix, it couldn’t hurt to try and learn something new. You may fail a few times, but hey… the best things come from failure!