A conversation can change a life.

A conversation can change a life.

A conversation can change a life. Whether it’s with your best mate, neighbour or colleague, staying routinely connected and checking in on others & yourself has never been more important. In recognition of R U OK Day, we’re encouraging everyone to have a coffee & a chat and make a moment meaningful.

With many of us currently separated from the ones we love, we get that it’s not as easy to stay in touch as it used to be. So, we’ve put together some meaningful ways you can connect with others, virtually.

Have a coffee & a chat.

Reach out to someone you care about and have a coffee & a chat. Whether it’s on Zoom, Facetime or through a good old fashioned phone call, there’s nothing better than connecting with someone you care about over a comforting cuppa. On behalf of R U OK, here’s four steps you can use to kick start a meaningful conversation:

  1. Ask R U OK? 
  2. Listen with an open mind
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in & follow up

Send a care package.

Give someone the ultimate pick-me-up & show them you care by sending a package with their favourite things, or organise a gift through a local business. A simple gesture can go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

Virtual workouts with family & friends.

With an endless amount of free workout resources at our fingertips, challenge your friends or family to a virtual workout to get your endorphins flowing and encourage a sense of accomplishment & community!

Take a class together.

Learn a new skill or talent by inviting a friend or family member along to a virtual class. There’s so many class options out there to choose from covering everything from painting to cooking and improv!

Zoom trivia & games.

Get your brain firing & competitive juices flowing by hosting a zoom trivia or game night! This event will give your friends and family the perfect opportunity to dress up and have a laugh.

Movie marathons.

There's nothing better than getting comfy and re-watching your favourite movies. Organise a movie marathon with a friend and work your way down the list together (with snacks, of course).

For more R U OK Day resources visit www.ruok.org.au