7 Random Facts You Didn't Know About Your Body ❓

7 Random Facts You Didn't Know About Your Body ❓

Our bodies - we live in them everyday. So surely we know everything about them, right? Think again. In the words of John Mayer, "your body is a wonderland" full of weird, miraculous (and sometimes gross) functions that happen to keep you running at 100%.  In celebration of this, we're serving you seven random facts you didn't know about your body - purely for your entertainment.
When you run, the pressure on your feet is equal to 267% of your body weight 

Ever wonder why your feet ache after a run? Well, the amount of vertical force created on your feet when you walk is 1.1 to 1.5 times your body weight but when you increase your speed to 14.5kph, that force increases to between 2.5 and 2.83 times your body weight.

You burn calories whilst you’re sleeping, but the number decreases as the night goes on 
Have you ever heard of a sleeping metabolic rate (SMR)? When you are all tucked up, doona to nose and one foot poking off the side of the bed, your SMR is about 15% lower than your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and it decreases as the night progresses. It reaches its lowest level right before you rise in the morning.
Calculate your BMR  Here

You’ll have a new skeleton in 10 years. 

Your skeletal system's cells are constantly regenerating and, on average, the bones you have now will have  completely regenerated in about a decade's time

Babies don’t have kneecaps

You'd think that our kneecaps would be an essential part of the human body. Right? Well, apparently not for babies. They aren’t even who aren't born with them. Instead, their cartilage gradually turns into bone, as ossification begins between the ages of two and six years—and doesn't fully finish until young adulthood. Crazy. I dare you to squish the area next time you’re around a baby (that you know).

Half of your hand strength is in your pinkie

Ever wonder why you have more control over your pinkie finger? It seems unassuming but it's crucial for your hand strength. It helps the thumb to pinch and gives more power to the ring, middle, and index fingers.

Can’t remember your dream from last night? 

Me neither! But that’s okay, find comfort in the fact that it’s perfectly normal, since most people will forget 90% of their dreams.

Motion Sickness is Caused by Your Insides Actually Shifting

When a roller coaster comes over its peak, slows for a second or two for a torture experience, and then plunges downward, do you feel sick? Whilst the seat belt keeps your body in place, some of your loosely connected internal organs get a little air time. Literally. Even though everything returns to its proper place after all that mayhem, your nerves detect the movement, which registers in your mind as your stomach has jumped into your throat.

Random, right? It's safe to say our bodies are amazing machines worth celebrating. So let's cheers to that!