7 Hot Tips for Successfully Working From Home

7 Hot Tips for Successfully Working From Home

With COVID-19 forcing the majority of the population to work from home where possible, we have come up with our top tips to staying motivated and on track for a productive workday. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your ability to get sh*t done, there are so many chances for distractions when working from home that it is easy to forget a simple task that needs completing and sneak in a quick episode on Netflix. 

So here are our top tips to help keep you productive and focussed:

Create a Routine

Imagine it is like any other workday, set your alarm clock for the same time each day, make your bed, have breakfast, get dressed. Continue doing what you would normally do in the mornings before work. Sticking to a routine and identifying ‘work hours’ will help you stay productive and avoid any unwanted distractions. 

Create an Enjoyable Workspace

This is your chance to get creative with your work environment! Grab that diffuser or candle, declutter your workspace and create a place that you genuinely enjoy working at. Bonus points for having an area with a closed-door to help remove all distractions. Having an appealing workspace allows for fewer distractions and increased productivity.

Remove All Distractions

Our number one tip for this is to mute all social media apps on your phone or laptop that aren’t essential to your work. These days with technology, you can implement website blockers for certain hours of the day. So if you are someone who finds yourself sliding over to Netflix, this could be perfect for you! You can use Freedom or Stayfocused programs via your web browser to help prevent Netflix bingeing. 

Schedule Your Day

Staying on task and productive is all about managing your time and prioritizing your tasks for the day. We suggest to always do a ‘brain dump’ in the morning and write down everything that you need to accomplish for the day. Identify your most important task and highlight them one by one as you complete them. Talk about an organisation lover’s dream - colour coordinated checklists.

Move Your Body

The chances are you are going to be sitting down for the majority of the day at your makeshift office, so moving your body before or after ‘work’ is going to help fight those boredom feelings throughout your day. If you are feeling restless, stretch your legs and take your dog, partner or kids for a walk around the block. 

Planned Breaks

This ties in well with scheduling your day, by identifying your lunch breaks or ‘work/study’ breaks will help avoid distractions and create something to work towards throughout the day. We suggest taking a 15-minute break every 2 hours to help maximise productivity. 

Keep Two Drinks at Your Desk at All Times

This one is our favourite and also helps prevent you from becoming dehydrated! Our favourite work from home beverages at the moment are our Cold Press Cans, they are easy to grab and go and you don’t have to spend time making your coffee. Our second favourite beverage is either a yummy iced coffee with our Glow Mocha and a nice big bottle of cold water to keep you hydrated! Keeping a bottle of water at your desk will prevent you from consistently needing to fill your glass up and interrupting your workflow.