4 Tips For Avoiding A Caffeine Crash

4 Tips For Avoiding A Caffeine Crash

All bodies are different, and people respond to the properties of caffeine in various ways. Our individual differences help to explain why your morning coffee keeps you wired until bedtime, yet your friend can drink a double shot at 6pm and sleep like a baby! To understand why caffeine crash occurs, it would help to first identify why you’re feeling the call to caffeinate at all. Is it a lack of sleep, poor stress management, or to increase your energy or physical performance?

Even if there’s no way to overcome your circadian cycle, or to feel 100% energised 24/7 - 365, here is our in-house Nutritionist top tips that you can implement into your daily routine to avoid the afternoon crash, and help sustain natural energy all day! 

Perhaps the issue isn't caffeine consumption per se, but the quality of the caffeine you're consuming. Did you know that Beforeyouspeak Coffee is more than just a caffeine hit? Our blends contain functional ingredients that can help you maintain natural energy and avoid the dreaded crash. For example, our Performance Range contains Ginseng, known for minimising the 'crash' effect that might occur when drinking regular coffee.

It’s common knowledge that a nice hot cup of coffee can perk you up thanks to its caffeine content, but studies suggest the best time to have your cuppa is between 10am and 12 noon or 2pm and 5pm, when there’s a dip in our natural energy levels. Consuming a hot or cold brew during these windows can help to maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day.

Don’t just run on caffeine! When your blood sugar levels are all over the map, many side effects of an afternoon crash can get amplified. When blood sugar levels spike and crash, you may feel cranky and sleepy, and want to go home at 2pm! Eating nutritious foods throughout the day that support your gut can help to balance blood sugar, as a result, you may have more sustained energy and focus throughout the day.

Poor sleep is one of the main causes of people over-relying on caffeine and experiencing caffeine crashes. The best way to try and avoid this issue is to set a daily cut-off point for coffee consumption. Most individuals should reduce drinking coffee after noon, although this is not a hard and fast rule and you should choose what works best for you personally. Switching to our Adrenal Decaf Blend in the evening can help to reduce your caffeine intake, while still providing a plethora of carefully selected ingredients that are all about rest and relaxation. And it tastes great! ;)

Caffeine really isn’t the enemy, and can be used tactfully to enhance energy levels and improve performance. People experience varying levels of caffeine crash, because everyone metabolises caffeine differently, consumes different sources of caffeine, and uses caffeine to address differing root problems. Are you just using caffeine to cover up the fact you binged watched ‘The Last Of Us’ and didn’t get much sleep? Or did you forget to have a healthy balanced diet the day before? Once you're mindful of how your body processes caffeine, you can determine the best way to embrace caffeine in your life, successfully reduce those caffeine crashes, and stop relying on caffeine to compensate for lack of sleep!

Written by: BYS Nutritionist Brianna-lee Schiefelbein