10 Epic Hikes Right in Your Own Backyard

10 Epic Hikes Right in Your Own Backyard

Are you sick of being stuck inside all day or in need of a holiday ASAP? Luckily for us, from the amazing beaches to the epic landscapes, there's so any epic activities to do right here in our own backyard. This week we’re breaking down some of Australia’s best hiking destinations that will get the endorphins flowing & may just help tickle your travel bug.



Warrie Circuit, Springbrook National Park

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 14 kilometres round trip but includes shorter walks within  

Map: Click here and scroll to page #2 for a Warrie Circuit trail map.

If you like waterfalls and luscious rainforests,  Springbrook National Park's longest hike, the  Warrie Circuit, is for you! Located just 90 minutes from Brisbane and 60 minutes from the Gold Coast, this hike is super convenient to get to. Featuring multiple impressive waterfalls, creek crossings and meeting of the waters, this is one of Australia's finest day walks where you can take scenic photos and enjoy the smell of fresh air.

Bartle Frere, Wooroonooran National Park 

Trail Difficulty: Difficult 

Length: 15 kilometres 

Map: Click here for a Bartle Frere trail map.

When tackling the tallest mountain in Queensland at 1622 meters above sea level, be prepared to climb and climb and climb, rest on a rock and then climb some more. The path cuts its way through the rainforest until you arrive at Queensland’s rooftop, a steel platform with 360° views to thAtherton Tablelands one way, and the Great Barrier Reef the other.


New South Wales

Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk 

Trail Difficulty: Easy-moderate 

Length: Thredbo 13 km return; Charlotte Pass 18.6km return 

Map: Click here for a trail map.

Want to get your daily 10,000 steps in? Well, this will do the trick! There are two ways you can reach the top of Mount Kosciuszko. Both offer spectacular views of the National Park, one beginning in Thredbo for a 13km return and the other in Charlotte Pass for a 18.6km return. While the distance can be intimidating, the longer trek features views of the tallest peak in Australia, fields of wildflowers in spring and glacial lakes in winter that are worth every step.

Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk (Bondi to Coogee)

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Length:  6 kilometers one way, 12 kilometers return

Map: Click here and scroll to the sectioned title ‘Highlights and Map’ for a trail map.

The journey of Sydney’s most iconic walk, Bondi to Coogee, gives you a breath-taking view of some of the capital's greatest sights. Pacing along the path, you will capture the beautiful beaches, cliff tops and ocean pools that we can call our backyard. This must-do walk followed by a fresh swim at the beaches en route is the perfect way to start the day for any amblers living in or visiting Sydney.



Keppel Lookout Walk, Steavenson Falls 

Trail Difficulty: easy to moderate

Length: 15 kilometers

Map: Click here 

Without a doubt, Keppel Lookout Trail via Steavenson Falls is one of the greatest jewels in the crown of hiking. Experience a gentle walk through mother nature to visit one of Victoria’s highest (and most impressive) waterfalls. 

Bushrangers Bay Trail, Mornington Peninsula National Park

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Length: 2.5km one way, 5km return.

Map: Click here 

Bushrangers Bay offers a secluded sandy beach with spectacular views and abundant wildlife. Hike through Coast Banksia Woodlands to sight panoramic scenes as you explore this remote and precious coastline.

Make a day out of it and start your journey with a picnic surrounded by beautiful Coast Banksias at Bushrangers Bay Picnic Area. Then follow the walking track 2.5km one way and glimpse cliff, headlands and barreling waves.


South Australia 

First Falls Valley

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Length: 1.7 kilometers

Map: Click here 

Hidden within one of Adelaide’s most popular parks, this glacial trail will take you along a gorgeous setting where you reach Morialta Gorge. Delivering a glimpse of magnificent cliffs, waterfalls and wildlife to keep you entertained, you will wish it was longer than 1.7 kilometers.


Western Australia 

Bigurda Trail, Kalbarri National Park

Trail Difficulty: Moderate 

Length: 8km

Map: Click here 

One of Western Australia's most spectacular coastal walks, the Bigurda Trail takes walkers along an 8 kilometer stretch of coastal cliffs in  Kalbarri National Park. Hugging the coastline between Eagle Gorge and the Natural Bridge, this moderate trail features incredible views of cliffs, wildflowers and crashing waves. 


Australian Capital Territory

Australian National Botanical Gardens

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Length: 5.4 kilometers

More info: Click here

Located at the base of Black Mountain and covering 35 hectares, the  Australian National Botanic Garden features the world’s largest collection of native Australian flora. 

There are guided walks and group tours available every day, although you can choose to explore on your own.

The Flower To Tower walk (5.4km return) is a local and tourist favourite for avid walkers.



Cape Hauy

Trail Difficulty: easy to moderate

Length: 9.4 kilometers return

Map: Click here

​Cape Hauy offers a stunning 9.4km return walk amongst some awe-inspiring cliffs.The track takes you along a journey that undulates through woodlands and an abundance of wildflowers, drops down a steep set of stone steps, and then ascends towards the cape. Cape Hauy protrudes into the ocean, with views on both sides. The cape itself has spectacular dolerite columns that plunge directly into the sea. Make sure you bring your binoculars to spot seabirds, eagles and even passing whales.