Brew Club Members

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Brew Club FAQs

Can I use my Brew Club points & rewards with other codes or discounts? 

Only one discount code can be applied per transaction, but you can use the redemption slider at the checkout to redeem your full points balance if preferred. Your points don’t expire, so there’s no hurry to use them!

I’ve ordered before but it says I have no account. How can I activate my previous points? 

All your accrued points have been back-dated (to a maximum of 5000 points) so if you can’t see these, your account may not be active.

Firstly, ensure you have created an account and assigned a password and logged in.

Secondly, ensure that your previous orders weren’t placed with an alternate email address, or with a typo. Your points are assigned to the email address used when placing your orders and not your name. We suggest using just one email address to maximise your rewards.

If you have used a different email in the past and wish to merge your points into one account, simply send us an email to Please detail the email addresses you are wishing to merge, and which account you plan on using moving forward.

Once merged, your previous accounts will be unable to accrue points, so make sure you use the same account for future orders!

Do I still receive points on sale items and subscription orders? 

Yes! You still receive points for every order, even sales and subscription products. Points are approved and available to use in 14 days, and the amount accrued will depend on your tier status.

Can I use my points during sales? 

Brew Club points and rewards codes unfortunately can’t be used to further discount products during sales periods. You will still earn points on sale items, however, so you can save them up to restock at a later date!

I don’t live in Australia, how does my points redemption work with the exchange rate? 

Rewards are calculated in AUD and converted into local currency at the cart. Eg. a US customer redeeming a $20 AUD voucher will receive approx. $14 USD. Your cart balance is also calculated according to local currency, so you don’t miss out on any value!

My discount code isn’t working, what should I do? 

There are a few steps you can take. Firstly ensure that you haven't already applied a discount code, or added a sale product to your cart. 

If your cart is eligible for a discount, we suggest logging out of your account, clearing the cached data from your device, and trying again.

If you still can’t apply your discount code, send an email to Include details of the code, the error you’re receiving and the steps you’ve taken so we can help you re-caffeinate as quickly as possible.

I changed my mind about my reward, can I refund my points? 

Your points and redeemable discount codes don’t expire, so you can use them on any eligible transaction at a later date. 

However, if you would like to refund your unused reward back to points we can absolutely action that for you!

Just send us an email at with details of the code you want to refund and we’ll get it sorted.

Why do my points show as ‘pending’ in my account? 

Any points accrued from placing an order have a 14-day approval period, and they will be available to use as soon as this has passed. This gives you time to receive your order, and make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Can I use my points for subscription orders? 

Subscription products are already discounted by 15%, therefore no further Brew Club discounts can be applied. However, you can pause your subscription and place a stand-alone order to redeem a reward, or discount your total order using the points slider available at the checkout.

What if I want a refund or exchange for my order? 

Our returns policy can be found here. If you refund your order, any points accrued will be deducted from your Brew Club balance. If you choose to exchange instead, your points balance will remain unaffected.

I think I’m missing points, or my tier status looks wrong. What should I do? 

Simply send us an email at and we can look into the issue for you. Please include your correct account email and as much detail as possible about the problem — we will fix it ASAP :)

I made an error with my email address so I didn’t receive my points, how can I claim these? 

Simply send us an email at so we can correct the email error for you, and ensure your points are re-allocated correctly. Please include your correct email, the order number, and the incorrect email used so we can transfer the points straight away.

I have more than one email address / account, how do I merge all my points? 

If you have used an alternate email in the past and wish to merge your points into one place, simply send an email to Please detail the email addresses you are wishing to merge, and which account you plan on using moving forward. Once merged, your previous accounts will be unable to accrue points so you will need to make sure you use the same account for future orders.

I’m a Legend/Pro, how can I make sure I receive exclusive access to sales? 

Make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list, and mark as a safe sender in your address book! If you need help subscribing, send us an email, or simply subscribe at the bottom of our website. 

Legends and Pros will receive an email to their registered account with an exclusive access password, and details on how to shop sales before the general public.

How do I maintain my tier status? 

Easy! Just accrue the required amount of points every 12 months and you’ll automatically be re-enrolled.