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Who should drink Beforeyouspeak Coffee? 

In short, everyone*!

We believe life is for living, and a day without coffee is like… actually we have no idea. We’ve transformed the functional coffee space - bringing you premium, instant coffee superfood blends so you get more out of each cup!

*By everyone we definitely don’t mean you should share your BYS with kids, pets, or weird relatives. We always recommend anyone with underlying health issues, those on medication, breastfeeding, and soon-to-be mums, should seek advice from their healthcare professional before consuming.

How do I make your coffee and when should I drink it? 

Performance, Thermogenic and Collagen blends:

This is the fun part! Our premium Colombian Coffee is blended with the highest quality active ingredients to form an instant Coffee blend. Simply stir one sachet of your favourite flavour into 250ml of hot or cold water to dissolve. Drink your cuppa black or add a splash of your favourite milk or milk substitute, however you like your cuppa is ok with us, this is a judgment-free zone ;)

Consume in the morning to kick start your day, before your workout, or whenever you need your coffee fix.

Adrenal Decaf:

Much like our caffeinated range, the Adrenal blend can be drunk any way you wish! While there’s no specific time you should drink Adrenal, it’s the ideal companion for after a stressful meeting, post-workout, before bed, or whenever you’re craving a cup of coffee without the caffeine hit.

Our tip, drink it hot with a scoop of Chocolate Creamer before bed for a tasty after dinner treat :) Think of it as an adult’s hot chocolate with no nasties!


Creamers are a great milk substitute, so if you are someone who is vegan, can’t tolerate dairy, or are looking for something extra tasty to boost your daily coffee, then Creamers are for you.

BYS Creamers are packed full of our favourite good fats, MCTs and soluble, prebiotic Acacia Fibre. BYS Creamers are sweetened naturally with stevia and we have four delicious flavours to make your coffee even tastier- Vanilla, Caramel, Coconut and Chocolate.

The fun doesn’t stop with coffee! Try adding BYS Creamer to your recipes, shakes, smoothies and baking for that extra dose of healthy fats and prebiotic fibre. Make sure you check out the recipes tab on our blog page for some more out of the box tub inspiration!

Do you have trial pouches? 

Absolutely. We have 7-serve trial pouches available for purchase on our website in all of our coffee flavours.

Can I drink Beforeyouspeak coffee iced? 

Yes! Although it’s INSANELY good in hot water, you can definitely mix your sachet with ice and cold water for an iced coffee and add your favourite milk or milk substitute for a tasty iced latte. You can also add your sachet of choice to your favourite protein shake or even some vodka for a low-cal espresso martini ;)

Looking for more ideas? We have recipes and inspiration available on the The Health Hub.

Are your products 100% natural? 

Our Performance, Adrenal, Immunity and Keto Creamers are 100% Natural. Some of the active ingredients found in our Collagen and Thermo blends are not technically classed as natural due to their extraction process — however we never include artificial sweeteners, refined sugars or preservatives.

Are your products Gluten, Dairy, Nut and Egg Free? 

Yes! We wanted to make sure as many people as possible could drink our coffee! 

While none of our products directly contain gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts, they are packaged in a facility where these ingredients are found. So if you’re REALLY sensitive to these ingredients, we recommend having a chat with your healthcare provider first.

For a full ingredient list and any allergen warnings, head to our shop page and select the product that takes your fancy.

Is your coffee suitable for a Keto Diet and can I add Grass-Fed Butter to it? 

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. This is one of our favourite ways to have The OG or Unsweetened blend hot. The team also loves the appetite control a bullet proof provides when doing intermittent fasting.

Are your Creamers Keto friendly? 

Absolutely! For anyone on a ketogenic or low carb diet, our blend of healthy fats is pure gold. The good fats in the blend convert to ketones - which are a powerful fuel source for the body over a sustained period of time. On top of this, you can show your gut some love with the water-soluble Acacia Fibre. Trust us, your insides are going to be forever thankful.

Are your products FODMAP friendly? 

Yes, both our Coffees and Creamers are FODMAP friendly. To put it simply, FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates found within certain foods and drinks that can trigger bloating, stomach cramps, constipation, diarrhea, and gas. The general rule of thumb is that you can consume two shots of coffee when on a low FODMAP diet so it’s safe to drink one BYS coffee sachet a day.

Are your products vegan? 

Our PerformanceThermoPeriod and Adrenal Decaf Coffee blends, as well as our Keto Creamers, are all animal product free. Our Immunity AM blend is also vegan, but the PM sachets do contain Manuka Honey.

Unfortunately, our Collagen Coffee, and Collagen Creamer range is not considered vegan due to the addition of animal derived collagen.

A full ingredients listing and nutrition panel is available on the product page for each item and we recommend perusing this before purchase to assist you in choosing the perfect blend for you.

Do your products contain palm oil? 

No, none of our products contain palm oil and our MCTs are derived from coconut and not palm kernel oil.

What if your coffee is too sweet? 

Some of our blends contain the natural sweetener Stevia Leaf. If you find them a bit too sweet, the simple answer is to just add more water, or a splash of your favourite milk. Our extensive market research (with our Mums) shows that 250-350ml (8-12oz) is the perfect quantity of water to have in our blends depending on your desired sweetness.

If you prefer your coffee black and strong, we recommend trying our Unsweetened range which contains no Stevia Leaf.

A hot tip — our coffees do taste slightly sweeter with hot water. 

Is your coffee safe to drink every day? 

Yes, however you should always remember to stay hydrated, and caffeinate responsibly!

We recommend consuming no more than 1-2 sachets of BYS a day, and ensuring you don't exceed your total daily reccomended caffeine dose.

Also, it is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 16 years of age. Unless you want your kids to be hyperactive before dropping them off at your ex-husband's / wife’s house...

Can I drink BYS if I am on medication or have a health condition? 

Although it’s sometimes fun to experiment...

You should always check with your health care provider before using any supplements with an underlying health condition.

Can I drink BYS if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? 


As our Coffee varieties contain caffeine, and our Creamers and Adrenal Decaf contain added active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, we do advise that all pregnant and breastfeeding Mums check with their healthcare professional before adding our products into their diet.

We recommend reviewing the ingredients list and information available on our website for any products you’re considering to determine if the products are suitable for you.

Can I drink Beforeyouspeak while fasting? 

Absolutely! Our Performance & Thermo Coffee range is widely used by our customers, and even our own team here at BYS, to provide an energy boost during intermittent fasting. These blends are both very low calorie and contain only our Premium Arabica Coffee, blended with vitamins, minerals & superfoods. If you choose to avoid sweeteners during your period of fasting, then we also offer an Unsweetened flavour across all of our blends.

We understand everyone has their own fasting rules and preferences, so for a full ingredients listing and the nutritional panel for each product you can check out our shop page, and click into the product you are interested in learning more about.

For even more information about how coffee can enhance the benefits of intermittent fasting, check out the blog our in house Nutritionist wrote on the subject!

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