Small Choices add up.

From our logistical partner's carbon footprint, to switching off the lights after meetings, each choice we make has an impact on the planet.

Whether these are choices we make as a company or as individuals, we are committed to making the right ones (not the easy ones) to reduce our carbon footprint and positively impact future generations.

Choices we've made so far

We are already starting to action small choices, including making the switch to:

100% recyclable filler paper, made from recycled materials

100% biodegradable mailer labels

Home compostable eco bags for online orders

Moved to fully bio-degradable, soy-based inks

Reduced stock weight by 15% on all shippers

Office recycling for soft plastics, ink cartridges, batteries

What we're going to do next

We are working on some Big Impact initiatives, including:

Community team days

Charity partnerships

Upcycling programs