James Alexander - Ride for Change

James Alexander - Ride for Change

James is a highly motivated coach, lovable father & husband, and SO much more! Actively helping break the stigma around mental health, James is taking the ultimate challenge both mentally and physically, by cycling from Adelaide to Melbourne. In an epic even donned Ride for Change, he will be raising funds for the mental health charity; RUOK.

We spoke to James before he took to the saddle, here’s what he had to say.

Who or what inspired you to get involved in fitness? 💪🏼

My good friend (then, Coach) Tyler Adamson, inspired me to take my passion for fitness/training and transition into sharing my knowledge/skill set as a coach. I haven’t looked back since!

We love that you set yourself challenges that are both mentally and physically challenging! Can you tell us about your current challenge and the charity you’re supporting – RUOK? 🚲

Absolutely, I’m cycling 1061km in 7 days (Adelaide to Melbourne) to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention charity RUOK?. It started as a weight vest walk for RUOK? 3 years ago, shortly after my own non-fatal attempt (04/12/19) at taking my life. It was my attempt to show the world how common mental health issues are and that we shouldn’t suffer in silence. It’s grown so much bigger now with annual events, challenges and I’ve even been inducted as an RUOK? Community Ambassador which includes public speaking about my lived experience. 

What’s your number one tip for staying disciplined and focused on achieving your goals? 📈

Remember why you started. Why do you want to achieve what you’re talking about? Remind yourself of that every day. For me, I want to set an example for my son and for him to be proud of his father. 

Do you have an interesting fact about yourself that would surprise people to learn about you? 🤭

My family comes from a small village in Macedonia (Vishni - population in 2021 was 47). 

Tell us about the moment in your life so far that’s made you the proudest? 👏🏻

Having my incredible son Jaxon, every moment with him gives me an overwhelming sense of pride, he is my biggest motivator and best friend so it's easy to answer this one. 

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their journey to bettering themselves, whether that be with fitness, mental health, nutrition or their career, what would it be? ⚡️

Just show up. Show up for yourself everyday. Showing up is essential to starting, don’t make excuses and put it off anymore. Start today. 

Outside of Ride For Change, what other goals are you striving to achieve? 🙌🏼

Ultimately, I am striving to be the best Father, Athlete, Coach and overall human I can be everyday. I take great pride in knowing what impact someone can make when they do it with intent. I live by ‘better than yesterday’.