Mastering a High-Performance Mindset with BYS Co-Founder Jaryd

Mastering a High-Performance Mindset with BYS Co-Founder Jaryd

Building a successful business is rarely a straightforward journey, and Beforeyouspeak Coffee is no exception. Co-founders Jaryd and Ash embarked on this venture with a shared passion for coffee and performance, grounded in their backgrounds in sports nutrition. Over the past seven years, they have navigated numerous challenges, from cash flow issues to supply chain disruptions, all while maintaining their vision of creating a brand that resonates deeply with its audience. In this candid Q&A, Jaryd shares insights into the company's evolution, the mindset required to overcome obstacles, and the daily habits that fuel his high-performance lifestyle.

Foundation of Success:

Can you describe the initial vision yourself, and Co-Founder Ash had for Beforeyouspeak Coffee? How has that vision evolved over the last 7 years?

From day one our vision was to always build something big, but something that connected with our audience more than just being a product. Using brand as a platform to connect with an audience/community, and work with athletes & artists. We both had a background in sports nutrition, and a passion for coffee & performance so it came naturally. The vision is still very much the same! 

Early Challenges:

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in the early stages of building the company, and how did your mindset help you overcome them?

Building a business is tough. The reality of it is that you’re probably going to have more bad days than good ones in the early stages trying to get it off the ground. We had almost every problem possible - cash flow, supply chain, staffing challenges. At the beginning you have to be a jack of all trades and do everything so you’re just constantly navigating the sea of uncertainty and there is a lot of trial and error finding out what works.
If you want to build something of value, you have to accept that the path to get there will not be easy and you just keep reminding yourself this is what hard looks like. Keep going.

The Power of Mindset:

How do you define a high-performance mindset, and what role has it played in both your personal and professional life?

If I were to really think about what that means - I would say a high performance mindset is made up of 4 parts.

  1. Having the ability to do hard things - going beyond what most people are willing to endure.
  2. Delayed gratification - you need to be able to keep showing up day after day when you have little to no sign of progress sometimes for weeks,  months and sometimes years at a time.
  3. Stay optimistic - you have to believe what’s ahead is going to be worth enduring and have faith that you will get there.
  4. You are a problem solver and have the ability to look at hard situations as obstacles, not roadblocks.

I want to build something meaningful and have accepted this is going to be hard - but worth it, so I find fulfilment in doing the daily work and the reward is becoming the person I become - not the material things attached.

Last-Minute Half Marathon:

Can you share your experience of completing a half marathon with minimal training? How did your mental toughness and mindset contribute to finishing the race?

I figured as long as I didn’t pass out or cramp up, I’d be fine. I hadn’t run for years and I only did 4 runs prior to signing up, the furthest being 5km. It’s not like it was an ultra or anything so I knew as long as the body could move even if uncomfortable, I’d get there.


Balancing Physical and Mental Health:

How does your daily exercise routine support your mental health and high-performance mindset?

I feel like people get stuck in the mindset of once my head is right, I’ll get back into training. Where in my experience I have found the right approach to be the opposite of that. Focus on moving your body, daily. The mind then follows. Remove the ability to negotiate with yourself. I train every single day so it becomes just like doing your teeth - it's a daily discipline I don’t miss and that is important to me. The self worth & self respect you get from doing the hard things you told yourself you are going to do puts me in a great headspace.


Importance of Recovery:

Why do you prioritize recovery practices like sauna and sleep? How do they impact your productivity and mental clarity?

Because I don’t take ‘rest days’, and I need to be on every day when it comes to business - the only way this is maintainable is through having the right nutrition, recovery, and sleep habits. Sleep is my number one priority - there is no pill, diet or biohacking practice that will do what adequate sleep will do for your body’s recovery and your ability to focus each day. Pair that with eating the right foods and using my sauna 4-6 times a week and I know I can go for weeks or months at a time without needing big breaks. It’s all about longevity.

Daily Habits:

What are some daily habits or routines that you believe are crucial for maintaining a high-performance mindset?

  1. Knowing what you want - begin with the end in mind. You need to have a goal you’re working towards - one that is worthy of you and the work required.
  2. Planning - and flexibility, as the plan is likely to change along the way.
  3. Resilience 
  4. Sleep & recovery. I need 8+ hours per night to have the energy and focus each day.
  5. The right nutrition - I track my food and macros daily. Not because I need to but because it keeps me accountable.
  6. The ability to take feedback and always be learning
Finding the right people to be around - you need to spend time with people that challenge you to grow and charge your battery, not drain it.

Lessons Learned:

Over the past 7 years, what are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned about leadership and running a successful company?

Leadership is a tough one. I still wouldn’t consider myself the best at this. Some of the key things I have picked up along the way is as a leader, everything is your fault. Your role is to take ultimate responsibility for everything that happens in your company. 
People over numbers. Set the example you want to see. As the owner/leader you have to carry a lot that the team will never see too and still turn up with a positive attitude no matter what. Your role is to create certainty in an uncertain environment.

Overcoming Self-Doubt:

Have you ever faced moments of self-doubt or burnout? How did you navigate through those times?

Yes definitely. Last year I made the decision to close down one of my other businesses. After 3 years of effort and $1.5m invested into it we hadn’t got the market traction we needed so I made the hard call to shut down operations. As an entrepreneur it is hard not to tie your identity to your wins and losses when you put so much of your life into building these businesses. As tough as it was it gave some great perspectives on what’s important. I had sacrificed a lot with my health/relationships while trying to juggle running two companies, and once that closed down it allowed me to get back to the things that give me the most energy and joy.

Role of Friendship in Business:

How has having a co-founder who is also a friend influenced your journey with Beforeyouspeak Coffee? What have been the pros and cons?

We have probably been very lucky. We both want the same outcomes and we have complimentary skill sets to each other so the partnership works well. We have probably had less than 3 arguments in 7 years of doing business together. We had been mates for a long time before we got into business together and had worked together in other roles prior so we knew what we were getting ourselves into.


Inspiration and Motivation:

What keeps you motivated and inspired to continue pushing forward, even during tough times?

In my mind there is just no other option. Whether you have the best day or the worst day - you keep moving forward. Daily disciplines and having a good perspective. A bad day doing what I do, is still a great day if you put into perspective what’s happening in some other parts of the world. We’re very lucky to have been given the hand we’re dealt living here in Aus.

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, what are your future aspirations for Beforeyouspeak Coffee and your personal growth? How do you plan to achieve them?

I hate when people always say ‘We’re just getting started’. We’re just about to tick over 7 years in market so we have been at this for a while. Momentum is a beautiful thing.. Building something great takes time and we still have a lot left in the tank. New products, new markets, new opportunities.
We’ll keep doing what we have been doing. Being patient, and time in market are secret weapons when it comes to building a business. I’m confident that what we’ll achieve over the next 5 years will dwarf what we have been able to do in the last 7. Just keep at it.


The journey of Beforeyouspeak Coffee is a testament to the power of resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment. From their initial challenges to their current successes, both Jaryd and Ash have demonstrated that building something meaningful requires both perseverance and adaptability. As BYS looks to the future, their dedication to innovation and growth remains steadfast. With new products, markets, and opportunities on the horizon, Beforeyouspeak Coffee is poised to continue its upward trajectory, without forgetting the importance of balancing physical and mental well-being in a high-performance lifestyle! ☕🚀