Improve your sleep hygiene, improve your sleep quality!

Improve your sleep hygiene, improve your sleep quality!

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene refers to the daily behaviours, routines and habits that influence our sleep patterns. For example, foods you consume (or avoid), your exercise schedule, night time routines, and your sleep environment all play an important role when it comes to the amount of quality sleep you’re getting each night.

Why is sleep hygiene important?

Getting enough sleep each night is essential for our overall well being, but having quality sleep is equally as important. Let’s face it, no one sleeps well every night, regardless of how consistent their routines are! However, creating and maintaining a regular night time routine, as well as managing your sleep environment, may just help put you on track for more peaceful and better quality sleep!

How can you improve your sleep hygiene?

Following good sleep hygiene behaviours, routines and habits may help improve sleep quality and duration, which in turn, can support circadian rhythms and overall well being. Our In-House Nutritionist Brianna-lee has put together her top tips for improving sleep hygiene, so you can get some quality Zzz’s! ↓

Reduce screen time 📉

Although it may be tempting to use your computer to study for that exam tomorrow , or endlessly scroll through your social media before bed, research has shown that these devices may interrupt sleep by suppressing melatonin levels. This can increase attentiveness rather than sleepiness, directly affecting your sleep quality. I recommend you try and  switch off your screens at least an hour before bedtime to help you unwind.

Keep your bedroom cool ❄️

Did you know that your body temperature naturally drops before bed? It is all part of our circadian rhythm so having a cool room can help our bodies prepare us for sleep. Keep your room cool and your toes warm for better sleep, as I like to say! BUT, keep your feet covered at all times since you never know when the monster from under your bed may grab them. Did anybody else as a child have that fear? Or am I the only one? 🤣

Create a night time routine🕯️

Instead of thinking about deadlines and meetings the next day (we are all guilty of this), night time routines can help set the tone for ultimate relaxation. I recommend implementing night time habits that encourage wind down. Maybe showering by candle light, sipping some Adrenal Decaf, chilling with your four legged friend, journaling or reading your favourite book. You may also like to use things like candles, salt lamps, diffusers and pillow mists for a chilled-out vibe.

Set your bed time 💤

Maintaining a night time routine is the key to getting the most from your sleep, just as sticking to the same work schedule is the key to productivity, and maintaining an exercise regime is the key to physical health. As you maintain a consistent sleep pattern, your body automatically adjusts and begins to feel sleepy at the appropriate times.

Time your meals ⌚

It is important not to go to bed hungry, but having a full stomach makes it difficult to sleep, so make sure you are having your last meal of the evening at least 2 hours before bed. No more midnight snacks - sorry not sorry! 😉

Try Adrenal Decaf ☕

If you're someone who struggles to wind down or likes a warm drink before bed, this is a sign you need to add our Adrenal Decaf into your night time routine! This dreamy blend contains decaffeinated beans with 9 restorative ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Magnesium, Valerian Root Extract to help promote relaxation. 

Written by: BYS Nutritionist Brianna-lee Schiefelbein