Five Foods to Fuel your Workout

Five Foods to Fuel your Workout

Food, glorious food. Not only is it one of the best things in life, it’s also the ultimate pre-workout fuel for your energy and recovery. For a standard hour-long workout, enjoying a combination of carbs & protein two hours before exercise can provide you with a stream of energy and the nutrients you need for muscle repair. 

Whether you’re working out at home, outdoors or in the gym, here’s five pre-workout foods to get you firing & keep you fuelled for longer!


Packed with fibre, oats deliver a steady release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, giving you long-lasting energy throughout your workout. If you don’t have time to make them before your workout, get creative and try an overnight oats recipe!

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is the ultimate light, on-the-go option when you’ve only got a few minutes to down a snack before your workout! The simple, easily digestible carbs in the fruit will provide you with instant energy without weighing you down. Try smashing dried raisins & berries before your next workout!



Not only are they delicious, eggs are the perfect nutritionally balanced & low-calorie snack! The egg whites give you the perfect protein hit to support muscle performance and recovery & the yolk gives you a kick of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Enjoy your eggs on toast for the perfect pre-workout snack!

Wholegrain toast 

Whole grains - like quinoa, brown rice are power-packed full of fibre, giving you slow-burning, sustained energy throughout your workout. To spice it up a bit, add some peanut butter or jam to your toast for a boost of fast acting, simple carbs! 


The holy grail of beverages, drinking caffeine before exercise has been shown to help generate energy, slow fatigue & increase the rate of fat-burn. It has also been linked to supporting focus & alertness (which is key during those early morning sessions).

Have you got the ultimate pre-workout snack we need to know about? Let us know!

- Cheers to an epic day!