What is HYROX?

What is HYROX?

If you’re anything like us, your IG feed is probably starting to get taken over with HYROX?

But wtf is HYROX? 

HYROX is the latest fitness trend (apart from the whole of Australia joining run clubs.. Yes, us included), that seems to be taking the world by storm.

It is an event based fitness competition that combines a set of functional fitness stations with a bucket load of running. Born in Germany in 2017, think of it as a love child between a CrossFit competition and a marathon, designed to be accessible to everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors.

Since its inception in Hamburg, Germany, HYROX has exploded in popularity, with events now held across the globe, including several cities in Australia.

The HYROX Competition: What’s Involved?

Here is what can you expect from a HYROX event? It's a one-day competition where individuals or teams take on a series of physical challenges. The competition is structured around eight workouts and a running component, summing up to a total of 8 kilometers of running—yes, that’s right, 8 kilometers interspersed with some intense exercise station!

Here’s a quick breakdown of a typical HYROX event:

  1. Running… so much running: You’ll start with a 1km buy in run, which is then repeated between each of the following stations.
  2. 1000m SkiErg
    (1km run)
  3. 50m Sled Push
    (1km run)
  4. 50m Sled Pull
    (1km run)
  5. 80m Burpee Broad Jumps
    (1km run)
  6. 1000m on the Rower
    (1km run)
  7. 200m Farmers Carry (using Kettlebells)
    (1km run)
  8. 100m Sandbag Lunges
    (1km run)
  9. 75/100 Wall Balls

There are multiple divisions for both Men/Women/Mixed you can enter in including, Open, Pro, Doubles & Relay.

So whether you want to push yourself to compete or do it a bit more socially it caters to all. You can find more information on the different divisions on the official website - hyroxaustralia.com

Want to know which division is right for you and where you will rank?

HYROX run a standardized Physical Fitness Test (P'F''T) to give you your benchmarks in the world of fitness racing, stacked up against the rest of Australia & Global leader boards.

The P'F''T Workout

  • 1,000m Run (Outdoor or on a treadmill at 2% incline)
  • 50 Burpee Broad Jumps (90cm)
  • 100 Alternating forward lunges (stationary)
  • 1,000m Row
  • 30 Hand release push ups
  • 100 Wall balls (6kg male / 4kg female)

Your benchmarks 👇

  • 15 - 20 minutes - HYROX Pro babyyy! You're competing with the elite!
  • 20 - 35 minutes - HYROX Open
  • 30 - 40 minutes - HYROX Doubles
  • 35 - 45 minutes - HYROX Relay

Side note - you don't need to qualify for HYROX.. there is no time cap so you can sign up to any div you feel fits best!


Now, we have been trialling a couple of these HYROX style workouts and they are toughhhhh! But if you’re looking for inspo (don’t look our way), here are some of our favourite accounts with both workouts to try & just weapons that get us going.


+ Local legends and friends of BYS


Then there is current men's 3x world champ, Hunter McIntyre @huntthesheriff who shares a lot of his daily training showing the volume of work it takes at the highest level.

Getting Involved

Interested in giving HYROX a shot? Lots of local gyms are now offering HYROX style training sessions that cater to all levels.

What are the Australian HYROX event dates this year?

If you're interested in joining the world of fitness racing, the major events in Aus in 2024 are;

Melbourne 29 - 30 June
Sydney 27 July
Brisbane 17 August
Perth 14 September

- Team BYS ✌️