Top 5 Tips To Tackle Mondayitis!

Top 5 Tips To Tackle Mondayitis!

We LOVE weekends, and now the world is slowly returning to normal, the temptation to cram in all the things we’ve missed out on for the last two years is immense! Monday morning rolls around and the weekend becomes a blurry memory of activities, cleaning, DIY, socialising and family events. So how can you set yourself up for success on a Monday morning when all you want is just one more day off to nap?

Go To Bed!

Sometimes it feels like the only downtime you get in your whole week is Sunday night, after the whirlwind of *doing stuff* has consumed your whole weekend. We know we’re guilty of trying to make the relaxation last longer by binge watching Netflix until 11pm and waking up exhausted Monday morning! Going to bed earlier on Sunday evening will help you ignore the snooze button and jump out of bed ready to tackle the week ahead.

Plan Your Week

But do it in a way that works for you, some of the BYS team love their big a4 daily planners and allocate every hour of their day. Some use a top-line whiteboard calendar, and others use digital systems like Asana to schedule their tasks. Setting up next week's schedule on a Friday afternoon can be a good way to hit the ground running Monday morning, but otherwise, we recommend blocking out the first half-hour of your week to focus on, and plan your weekly tasks.

Meal Prep

Because everyone knows healthy habits have to start on a Monday! 😜 When motivation is low at the beginning of the week it can be really easy to rely on unhealthy snacks and treats for temporary energy boosts. By prepping and planning your meals over the weekend, you’ll be less likely to head to the golden arches and also save some time and money by eating what’s in the staff fridge (make sure it’s yours though!). And of course, we completely support healthy caffeination to enhance your output, we love our Performance Blends to push through a mentally tough workday, and it’s less than half the price of a takeaway coffee per serve!


Never underestimate the power of an uplifting playlist! Spend a few minutes putting together your ultimate Monday mood booster tracks, and have your airpods charged and ready for a big day of vibing out. The BYS team were lucky enough to get a custom-made, and very eclectic, Mashd N Kutcher playlist which is a firm favourite when our team need some extra energy. Check it out on Spotify!

Never Skip a Monday Workout 🏋️‍♀️

Begin as you mean to go on or so the saying goes! Before work, after work, or a walk on your lunch break, ensuring you get some physical exercise into your Monday routine will set you up to train for the rest of the week. In fact, one study revealed that training on a Monday makes you 60% more likely to exercise over the rest of the week!