Collagen Complex - Introducing Our Brand New Blend

Collagen Complex - Introducing Our Brand New Blend

Introducing the key to your Yüth! A brand new, and seriously complex blend crammed full of age-defying ingredients that tastes just as good as you'll look.

Keep reading to learn all about the brand new blend, available September 18!

Why did we make Collagen Complex?

Our skin is made up of 75% Collagen, and our body's natural production of collagen declines by around 1% per year from adulthood! In addition, Collagen also makes up 90% of the protein found in connective tissue and is a key component of strong and healthy hair and nails.

Whether you’re looking to step up your anti-aging routine, give your body some extra support when exercising regularly, or you just want to ditch the filter and take care of your complexion from the inside out, regularly supplementing Collagen  is a no-brainer!

How can I consume Collagen Complex?

Collagen Complex is our most versatile product yet! Simply mix with hot or cold water and consume, or add it to your coffee, shakes or recipes for a punch of extra flavour 🤤

What does each flavour taste like?

A finely powdered, highly dissolvable drinking powder with infinite possibilities!

Rich Chocolate - A decadent, full chocolate flavour with subtle malt notes. Rich enough to satisfy your craving for a hot (or iced) chocolate even when mixed with water.

French Vanilla - A sweet, creamy and luxurious flavour reminiscent of vanilla ice cream on a hot day.  

Caramel - A true caramelised confectionery creation, deliciously sweet with buttery undertones.

Choc Hazelnut - A subtle chocolate blend, slightly sweet while allowing a robust and authentic hazelnut flavour to shine through.

What’s the difference between Collagen Creamers and Collagen Complex?

Our new Collagen Complex is so much more than just a Coffee Creamer. It can even be drunk as a stand alone supplement, no coffee required! Our new Collagen Complex formulation packs more than double the amount of Collagen per serve (8000mg), as well as a whole host of new and cutting-edge, age-defying ingredients. How does the taste compare? The previous Creamers were tasty, but the new Complex flavours are next level! 

Why did we make the change?

The most obvious change is the packaging. We heard you loud & clear, the old tubs just weren’t durable enough to survive the post! We’ve given the product a face-lift (but you won’t need one with Complex 😉), and added some tasty new flavours to the range. 

As far as the blend itself goes, we went back to the drawing board to include only the most beneficial, science backed and well-rounded ingredients to ensure our products are the most effective (and delicious) on the market. 

Is Collagen Complex vegan?

Our Collagen Complex range contains bovine sourced collagen so unfortunately isn’t considered vegan.

Is Collagen Complex gluten, dairy and sugar free?

Yes! Collagen Complex is free from gluten containing ingredients, contains no added or refined sugar, and is a great dairy free substitute to add a dose of creamy flavour to your favourite BYS brews!

If you have severe allergies, please note that Collagen Complex is manufactured in a facility that also produces products containing Dairy, Gluten, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Egg, Soy, Seeds and Sulphites. While we take as much care as possible to avoid allergens, please chat to your GP, or contact our friendly support team for further information.

Is Collagen Complex compatible with a keto or intermittent fasting lifestyle?

With less than 1.5g of carbs per serve, every Collagen Complex flavour can be consumed within the guidelines of a ketogenic diet. As each serve of Collagen Complex contains around 34 calories and 8g of protein, it isn’t advised to consume during a period of fasting. 

Is Collagen Complex FODMAP friendly?

Yes! All of the ingredients in the Collagen Complex blend are considered low, or no FODMAP inclusions. As Collagen Complex is dairy free, and uses stevia sweetener, it is a great option to enhance your coffee, shakes, smoothies and recipes if following a low FODMAP diet. As always, if you have underlying health conditions please consult your healthcare professional for personalised advice before consuming.

What type of Collagen is in Complex?

Our Collagen Complex range contains only the most premium, and high quality ingredients so that you get the most bang for your beauty conscious buck. 

We’ve included a massive 8000mg of Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen in every serve. Bovine Collagen is a highly bioavailable and easily digested source of Type I & III collagen.

Can I use Collagen Complex while pregnant, breastfeeding?

As the Collagen Complex range contains added active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, we do advise that all pregnant and breastfeeding Mums check with their healthcare professional before adding any of our products into their diet. 

We recommend reviewing the ingredients list and information available on our website for any products you’re considering to determine if the products are suitable for you.

Can I use Collagen Complex while on medication or if I have a health condition? 

Although it’s sometimes fun to experiment... 

Make sure you chat to your health care provider about whether collagen Complex is right for you before consumption. Especially if you're taking medication, or have an existing health condition.

Last but not least! What's in it, and what are the macros?

Rich Chocolate

French Vanilla


Choc Hazelnut