Unsweetened - 7 Serve

Adrenal Decaf Coffee

7 sachets of our Unsweetened flavoured Premium Decaffeinated Instant Colombian Coffee Adrenal Blend. Relax with this decaffeinated blend filled with nine powerful & restful ingredients including Zinc, Ashwagandha & Camu Camu. If you could sleep with a coffee it would be this one… *Refer to our 'Performance Coffee' blend for what tomorrow brings...


Decaffeinated Coffee

9 Active Ingredients

Anti-oxidant properties

100% Natural

Keto & Vegan Friendly

Gluten & Dairy Free

What does it taste like? 

Bold Colombian coffee, with a slightly bitter finish. It's the chill without the Netflix.

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Money Back Guarantee

Australian made & owned

Sold to over 80 countries

Coffee With Benefits

Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee Bean (5%)

Our Colombian coffee beans have 97% of the caffeine removed during the decaffeination process. 

The nutritional value of our decaf coffee is almost identical to regular coffee — minus some of the bitterness and side effects that you may experience from caffeine.

Ashwagandha (5%)

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a popular adaptogen herb used in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is an annual, evergreen shrub that can be found growing throughout India, Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

Organic Camu Camu (5%)

Camu Camu is native to the Amazon rainforest but has gained popularity worldwide — mainly due to its high content of nutrients and powerful plant compounds, including vitamin C.

Our premium source of Camu Camu is 100% organic.

Aquamin Mg (4%)

A natural mineral source of highly bioavailable magnesium citrate, produced from seawater off the coast of Ireland.

Our particular type of magnesium contains an additional 72 trace minerals.

Valerian Root Extract (4%)

Valerian has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy, and can now commonly be found in dietary supplements.

The plant itself grows wild in grasslands throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

Turmeric Extract (HydroCurc®) (3%)

Curcuminoids (curcumin) are the active ingredient of turmeric.

Supported by a wealth of traditional and scientific research, HydroCurc® is a cold water dispersible curcuma longa extract powder, specifically designed to increase the absorption of curcuminoids.

L-Theanine (3%)

L-theanine is an amino acid found primarily in tea leaves and some types of mushrooms.

It was identified in tea by Japanese scientists in 1949 and has since become commonly supplemented in pill or tablet form… (or coffee).

Zinc Citrate (0.6%)

Zinc Citrate provides a bioavailable form of zinc to support optimal levels in the body.

Zinc is a key nutrient that is required for cell functions within the body.

Cell Charge™ 

We use a patented form of fulvic minerals (Cell Charge™) formulated by clinical Nutritionists and Naturopaths.

This micronutrient concentrate delivers naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

This is the fun part. Simply stir 1 sachet with 250ml of hot or cold water.

Consume in the evening, or whenever you need your decaf coffee fix. Put your feet up and Relax, Rest and Reset.


  • "High-quality coffee elixir made for drinking on the go! "

  • "Australia’s fastest growing coffee business."

  • "Wellness seekers pack their coffee with extras..."

  • "Supplement enhanced... it gives me the right energy. "


Why did we make an Adrenal Decaf Coffee? 

We love coffee, but we don’t love tossing and turning until midnight thinking about that time our mate dacked us in front of our crush in year 3. 

Adrenal is a decaffeinated blend infused with a plethora of carefully selected ingredients that are all about rest and relaxation.

Pour yourself a cup full of goodness, pull up a couch cushion and take a deep breath — it’s time to reset!

When should I drink Adrenal Decaf? 

Our Decaf blend can be drunk anytime, whether you’re feeling tense from a busy day of getting sh*t done or just want something to help you unwind before bed.

The ideal companion for this restful brew is after a stressful meeting, post workout, before bed or whenever you’re craving a cup of coffee without the caffeine hit. 

Is there any caffeine in the Adrenal Blend? 

Did you know that all Decaf coffees still contain a small amount of caffeine?

The process of decaffeination we use removes at least 97% of the caffeine from our standard Coffee blend.

The total amount of caffeine per Adrenal Decaf serve averages less than 4mg which is about 1/6th of the amount you would find in a cup of tea.

How is our Coffee decaffeinated? 

Our Adrenal Decaf blend is decaffeinated using the natural swiss water method and this removes at least 97% of the caffeine from our Colombian coffee bean. 

Will the Adrenal Blend make me drowsy/sleepy? 

This will vary depending on each individual, for some, it might help you relax and unwind after a big day. However, there are no included ingredients that will actively make you drowsy or sleepy.