How To Know When You Need To Recharge

How To Know When You Need To Recharge

Constantly feeling tired or fatigued can really put a damper on your day, and is a clear sign that you need to recharge your batteries. Everyday life and the constant emotional drama going on in the world today can leave you feeling drained. It’s important for your own health and wellbeing to be able to identify when you need to recharge.  

Do you often find yourself being more 'fidgety' than normal? Eyes burning or even feeling ‘scattered’, to the point where you just can’t form your sentences properly? Exhaustion is an increasing problem in today's society and can be caused by so many different factors, such as a busy or demanding lifestyle, lack of sleep or just taking too much on your plate.  

If you're facing exhaustion, it might be time to take a step back and recharge yourself. 


Relax With a Warm Bath
A warm and relaxing bath may be just what the doctor ordered. Try using Epsom Salts, light a candle and allow the aromas to fill the room while you relax and unwind. Epsom Salts not only soothe the skin but also help reduce stress, relax the nervous system and draw toxins from the body. 

A stressed-out and exhausted body is more prone to injury and burnout than a relaxed one. Yoga can release stress, muscular tension and pain whilst also teaching you how to use relaxation techniques to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help with insomnia. 

Sometimes all you need is an extra hour of quality sleep. Sleep is the ultimate body recharger. We all know 8 hours of sleep is recommended, and you may be thinking: ‘I just don’t have time’ or ‘I have to be up early’, well sometimes you just need to listen to your body and get that 8 hours of sleep. Constantly getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep per night is a recipe for exhaustion and burnout. 

Try setting up a healthy sleep schedule by going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day. Setting up a nighttime routine helps improve the quality of sleep you get, which in turn improves your brain function throughout the day, allowing you to be more productive!


Knowing when you need to recharge is not just about your physical battery but also your mental battery. Constantly thinking about all the things stressing you out can often make it harder to recharge.  

Take a Break
It’s ok to take a break from things and people that bring you down. How often have you let go of yourself in order to hold onto something that doesn’t deserve your energy? It’s ok to be selfish with your time, if certain people or situations have you feeling overwhelmed — take a break. 

Do Something Fun!
Taking time out of your busy schedule to do something fun is just as important to help you recharge. Take a weekend getaway, see old friends, or just do something that brings you joy! 

You know that feeling you get when sitting in the sun and your whole body just fills with warmth and contentment? Do something that brings you that feeling, warms your soul and makes you happy. 

It’s ok to take some time out for yourself once in a while to recharge your batteries, both physically and mentally.