Fresh New Look: Behind the Design of our New Packaging

Fresh New Look: Behind the Design of our New Packaging

We have a little secret to share...

Over the last few months, the BYS design team has been working hard to revamp our packaging! You may have already noticed the new sachets, but our team has also completely re-designed our signature OG boxes!

Don’t fret, it’s still the same superfood-packed OG formula we all know and love – just with a brand spanking new look. 

We sat down with our Creative Director to bring you the inside scoop on our new packaging:

“Last year, Jaryd & Ash generously brought back some whisky from a business trip. I was blown away by the quality of the packaging and illustrations — it's something the liquor/wine industry has become known for. I was inspired. I thought how amazing it would be to apply the same quality of design and craft to our packaging. Something no one is doing in our space​.” 

Over the last few months, we have been focused on bringing more value to you, our customers and our family. We wanted to bring out something we are proud of, that you would want to have sitting out on your kitchen bench, a work of art.

“We looked into a number of artists and illustrators, but I kept coming back to those intricate illustrations I’d first seen and wanted to go directly to the source. After researching I found UK-based illustrator, Greg Coulton, who’s worked with the likes of Sony, Adidas, David Beckham and Jameson Whiskey.

I reached out, ​
Greg loved the brand and aligned with our mission​ — and we progressed from there.”

As a company, we wanted to create a sensory and enjoyable experience for everyday use.

“We wanted unique illustrations for a unique product. ​Each illustration tells a story​. And the idea is ​the more you look, the more you see​. Even now I notice something different each time. Motifs and brand elements are intertwined with flowing, doodle style illustrations. You'll notice natural ingredients, graphics and even a ‘Millie’.”

In addition to the new illustrations, we have dropped the name ONE and replaced it with High Performance Coffee for our flagship range (which features The OG, Caramel and Cinnamon Spice). In deciding to do this we aim to really identify what the product is and what the point of difference is by bringing the main ingredients to the front of the packaging. Which many of you have already picked up on 😏

“From start to finish, this has been a labour of love — with so many people involved, it’s immensely satisfying to see it all come together. We’re delighted with Greg’s illustrations and are still blown away by his talent. I can’t wait for our customers to get these in their hands!”

We hope you love each artwork as much as we do. Be sure to keep your eyes out for all the hidden gems within each piece. 🙊

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